Copenhagen Map

Copenhagen Map

Copenhagen is my favorite city in Scandinavia. In this foodie map, I have gathered all my Copenhagen favorites. Find out where to eat in Denmark’s capital! You’ll find everything from coffee shops and cocktail bars to bistros and high-end restaurants. Navigate the map easily either by scrolling through the list on the right or by clicking the points on the map. Places are listed in a geographical order.

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Refshalevej 153, Copenhagen, Denmark

Amass is a New Nordic restaurant by Matt Orlando – an American expat and Noma alumni. Located in an old shipyard building all the way out at the tip of Refshaleøen. The meal, however, is well worth the long journey. Don't miss out on a stroll through their herb garden, or a glass of natural wine seated around the bonfire once it's lit.

La Banchina

Refshalevej 141 A, Copenhagen, Denmark

La Banchina is a tiny wine bar, cafÊ, and restaurant, located in an old boathouse with a wooden pier along the harbor at Refshaleøen. Particularly in the summertime, this is a small paradise in Copenhagen. Enjoy natural wines, organic food and simple Italian cooking by the waterside.


Strandgade 93, Copenhagen, Denmark

Noma is the most famous and acclaimed New Nordic restaurant in the world. Star chef RenĂŠ Redzepi and his team create some of the most innovative and groundbreaking dishes, and the front of house team is second to none.

Restaurant 108

Strandgade 108, Copenhagen, Denmark

Restaurant 108, the little sister of Noma, is a casual New Nordic eatery with an adjacent wine bar and coffee shop. Go here for original pastry with beef garum glacing for breakfast, a glass of natural wine or the amazing evening menu.


Strandgade 93, Copenhagen, Denmark

If 108 is Noma's sister restaurant, then Barr is the little brother. Teaming up with Thorsten Schmidt, RenÊ Redzepi has created a beer-focused bar and restaurant that gets its inspiration from the cuisines of all the countries in the beer-producing countries surrounding the North and Baltic Sea. Eat classic Danish meatballs (frikadeller), German-Austrian schnitzels, or Belgian waffles with Swedish vendace roe (løyromn) and an optional topping of Gotland truffle.


Wildersgade 10 B, Copenhagen, Denmark

Kadeau in Copenhagen is the flagship of the restaurateur trio Nicolai Nørregaard, Magnus Høegh Kofoed and Rasmus Kofoed. This New Nordic fine dining restaurant showcases the ingredients of Bornholm and is one of the best places to eat in Copenhagen.


Havnegade 44, Copenhagen, Denmark

Studio is Claus Meyer's Nordic-French gourmet restaurant at the Standard. This lovely art deco building at the waterfront is host to the Danish brasserie Almanak as well as a jazz club. When Torsten Vildgaard left to re-join Noma, his former sous-chef Damian Quintana stepped up as head chef and has since given the menu a touch of his South-American heritage.

Den Vandrette

Havnegade 53A, Copenhagen, Denmark

Den Vandrette is a natural wine bar and casual restaurant located near Nyhavn Harbour and Inderhavnsbroen with a view towards Christianshavn on the opposite side of the canal. The bar used to have a large selection of conventional wines (and they may still have some if you ask) until the owners, wine merchants Rosforth & Rosforth, decided to toss them all aboard in favor of organic and biodynamic, wild fermented grape juices.

SEA by Kiin Kiin

Nyhavn 71, Copenhagen, Denmark

SEA by Kiin Kiin is one of the many casual eateries in the progressive Thai cuisine restaurant empire of Henrik Yde. While less prestigious than the one-Michelin-starred Kiin Kiin, this little brother still delivers at a pretty high level for such an affordable and available place. Try the tasting menu, which starts with a series of snacks, followed by some of the signature dishes from the flagship restaurant. You can also order them à la carte. Go here for lunch or dinner, and eat Michelin-food on a budget!

Hotel Skt. AnnĂŚ

Sankt AnnĂŚ Plads 18, Copenhagen, Denmark

Hotel Skt. AnnĂŚ is a boutique hotel situated on Sankt AnnĂŚ Plads which runs parallel to Nyhavn. It is also home to restaurant Format, which is operated by the Formel B restaurant group. Head chef Will Smith came from his role as assistant head chef at the three-Michelin-starred restaurant Geranium, and even brought with him some more of the chefs as well as his partner and now head sommelier, Julie Marie Ekse Jenssen.

Restaurant Sankt AnnĂŚ

Sankt AnnĂŚ Plads 12, Copenhagen, Denmark

Restaurant Sankt Annæ is that chic and charming eatery you always imagine when you think of a Danish "smørrebrød place. Located in a quiet public square (Sankt Annæ Plads, hence the name), which ironically runs parallel to the buzzing tourist street of Nyhavn on the opposite side of the block. Whatever open-faced sandwiches you order here, be it herring, shrimps, potato, or beef tartar – you won't be disappointed.

Restaurant PMY

Tordenskjoldsgade 11, Copenhagen, Denmark

Experience three different cuisines in one restaurant. Venezuela meets Mexico and Peru at PMY in Denmark, where the Venezuelan chef Karlos Ponte has joined forces with the Mexican chef Emilio Macías and the Peruvian chef Diego Muùoz. In the former venue of the contemporary Venezuelan restaurant Taller, you now find a more casual eatery based on popular street food in Latin-America.

Admiralgade 26

Admiralgade 26, Copenhagen, Denmark

Admiralgade 26 is a Nordic-Japanese restaurant and sister and neighbor to Ved Stranden 10 wine bar. Go here for a traditional Japanese breakfast, a hearty Danish lunch or enjoy the full evening menu in beautiful Scandinavian interior from the early 1900s.

Ved Stranden 10

Ved Stranden 10, Copenhagen, Denmark

Ved Stranden 10 is my favorite wine bar in Copenhagen. With its white-painted wooden walls interior and vintage Scandinavian furniture, the old house has a unique atmosphere. In the summer you can sit by the piers along the canal. There's always some snacks on the menu, but if you get really hungry you can walk around the corner to their restaurant Admiralgade 26.


Kongens Nytorv 34, Copenhagen, Denmark

Marchal is a one-Michelin-starred French restaurant situated within the luxurious five-star Hotel D'Angleterre. Head chef Andreas Bagh is one Copenhagen's most talented and underrated chefs, who will spoil you with an overload of truffle, butter, and caviar, but always keeping a balance to the flavors.

Hotel D'Anglereterre

Kongens Nytorv 34, Copenhagen, Denmark

Hotel D'Angleterre is the place to stay in Copenhagen if you are looking for the ultimate in lavish luxury. Spoil yourself with a few nights here, enjoy the spa, order breakfast on bed, and don't miss a lunch or dinner at the hotel restaurant Marchal with one Michelin-star. One of the best-equipped hotel gyms in town, complete with complimentary water bottles.


Kongens Nytorv 8, Copenhagen, Denmark

Geist is the crazy and creative brainchild of chef Bo Bech. This is New Nordic cooking with a split personality. Weird combinations of few ingredients usually plated to look amazing in its simplicity.

Restaurant PalĂŚgade

PalĂŚgade 8, Copenhagen, Denmark

Restaurant PalĂŚgade serves all the classic Danish open-faced sandwiches for lunch and a more modern Nordic-French tasting menu in the evening. A highly experienced front of house takes care of you and make sure you never run out of beer or snaps.


Dronningens TvĂŚrgade 2, Copenhagen, Denmark

Restaurant AOC has two Michelin-stars in the French culinary Bible, but isn't receiving as much praise as it should be getting. Enjoy a modern and innovative New-Nordic tasting menu in a 17th-century vaulted cellar that holds all the characteristics of an old-school restaurant. The signature dish, a baked onion with caviar and elderflower sauce, is to die for.

Gasoline Grill

Landgreven 10, Copenhagen, Denmark

My favorite burger joint in Copenhagen, Gasoline Grill, started out with just one location in the former F24 petrol station at Landgreven. Since then, they have even expanded with a few more locations, but for the true experience, head to the original venue which gave the place its name. The butterburger is the winner on the menu. Greasy and sinful!

Atelier September

Gothersgade 30, Copenhagen, Denmark

Atelier September is a café in Gothersgade famous for its "avokadomad" – an open-faced sandwich with avocado on rye bread. Go here for more than that, though – don't miss the granola, the fresh grapefruit or the lemonade.

Democratic Coffee Bar

Krystalgade 15, Copenhagen, Denmark

Democratic Coffee Bar is well known for their almond croissants – perfect, flaky, buttery croissants filled with a sticky, sweet, warm almond syrup. Go here for a great cup of coffee in addition to their wonderful pastries.


Hauser Plads 16, Copenhagen, Denmark

Schønnemann is perhaps the most well-known location in Copenhagen for Danish open-faced sandwiches. A classical smørrebrød institution with a lot of history in the walls, dating back to 1877, which is only open for lunch! Start from the top of the menu, ordering herring and fried plaice, and work your way through shrimps, salmon, hen salad, and tartar. Wash it all down with hearty amounts of beer and snaps.

CafĂŠ Det Vide Hus

Gothersgade 113, Copenhagen, Denmark

Café Det Vide Hus is a cozy little café in Gothersgade where they sell coffees and croissants – but you mainly want to go there for the handmade ice cream bars during the summer season. Beautifully crafted and deliciously tasting, each ice lolly represents a superhero or action star like Spiderman, Chuck Norris, or the Hulk. Don't be surprised if you find chefs René Redzepi and Torsten Vildgaard sitting by the window and enjoying one together.

The Coffee Collective Torvehallerne

Vendersgade 6D, Copenhagen, Denmark

Torvehallerne is Copenhagen's original food market located next to Israels Plads. The two halls and the open market space is filled with restaurants and specialty stores. After you’ve finished your tacos at Hija de Sanchez, you should enjoy a coffee at the Coffee Collective.

Hija de Sanchez Torvehallerne

Frederiksborggade 21, Copenhagen, Denmark

Hija de Sanchez in Torvehallerne is the original location of Rosio Sanchez' taco stand. The former head of pastry at Noma has gone back to her origins and makes the most authentic tacos in town. Don't miss out on the amazing paletas, hand-made Mexican ice lollies, with flavors like avocado cream and dulce de leche, tres leches, coconut, and hibiscus.

Slurp Ramen

Nansensgade 90, Copenhagen, Denmark

Slurp Ramen is the new noodle star in Copenhagen. In a tiny venue at Nansensgade 90, with a hipster dog as their logo, everything is made in-house and from scratch. These guys are dedicated to making their own noodles and broths, as authentic as possible, but with locally sourced ingredients. In the summertime, the cold noodles are a must-eat!

Manon Les Suites

Gyldenløvesgade 19, Copenhagen, Denmark

Manon Les Suites is a hotel unlike any other in Denmark. A Bali-inspired tropical spa in the middle of Copenhagen. A large indoor swimming pool in a courtyard garden is surrounded by balconied apartments. As the name indicates, all 87 rooms of the Guldsmeden-owned lodging facility are suites, meaning that your bedroom is separated from a living room. Our apartment even had a small kitchen in the hallway.

Hotel SP34

Sankt Peders StrĂŚde 34, Copenhagen, Denmark

SP34 is a boutique hotel located on Sankt Peders StrÌde 34 (hence the name) which is owned and operated by the Brøchner Hotels group. With an urban, Nordic interior design, it's easy to feel at home in this central hotel next to Ørstedsparken. The park is perfect for a morning run in the summertime, and the hotel has a gym for the winter season. The rental bikes are great.

District Tonkin

Mikkel Bryggers Gade 2, Copenhagen, Denmark

When you crave a proper bånh mÏ, the Vietnamese sandwich, head down to District Tonkin at one of their two locations (both in the inner city). Invented by the Vietnamese during the French colonization, the word simply means bread, specifically referring to an extra crispy and airy version of the French baguette. Fillings vary, but a classic is seasoned pork belly, liver pâtÊ, fresh cucumber and coriander, pickled carrots and daikon.


Dantes Plads 7, Copenhagen, Denmark

Glyptoteket is a must-visit art museum in Copenhagen Go here to see the impressive selection of antique stone sculptures from Egypt, Rome, and Greece. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek is the full name, indicating that the owner is indeed the son of the founder of the Carlsberg Breweries. Whether you are interested in the history or not, the museum is a beautiful place to stroll around for half a day. Prolog Coffee Bar recently took over the operations of their cafĂŠ!

Hotel Nobis

Niels Brocks Gade 1, Copenhagen, Denmark

Hotel Nobis is a brand new upscale hotel that opened in 2017 in the old Royal Danish Academy of Music – a spectacular building that dates back to 1903. Enjoy marvelous architecture and interior design in a centrally located accommodation near Tivoli and Glyptoteket.

Jah Izakaya & Sake Bar

GasvĂŚrksvej 21, Copenhagen, Denmark

Jah Izakaya & Sake Bar is a casual Japanese-inspired gastropub and place to drink sake. Located right around the corner from Istedgade – Copenhagen's red light district – the place is decorated as an authentic eatery in Japan and offers a decent selection of drinks and small dishes to eat. Don't miss the gyozas – Japanese dumplings – or tonkatsu – breaded and deep-fried pork.

Central Hotel & CafĂŠ

Tullinsgade 1, Copenhagen, Denmark

How can you not fall in love with the charm of the world's smallest hotel? With just one room, located above an associated coffee shop, Central Hotel & CafĂŠ is one of the coolest places I have stayed. Getting back to your little room after a long day in Copenhagen is pure hygge. Enjoy breakfast at the retro cafĂŠ Granola, which is owned by the same group.

Hija de Sanchez Kødbyen

Slagterboderne 8, Copenhagen, Denmark

Hija de Sanchez in Kødbyen (the Meatpacking District) is the second location of Rosio Sanchez' taqueria. Located in a brick and mortar building in a vibrant part of town, this is a great summer hangout for tacos, Aguas Frescas (fresh drinks) and paletas (ice pops).

Prolog Coffee Bar

Høkerboderne 16, Copenhagen, Denmark

Prolog Coffee Bar is the newest (and hottest) place for specialty coffee in Copenhagen – rumored to be a favorite place of the man himself, René Redzepi, to get his daily caffeine fix and croissant.


OehlenschlĂŚgersgade 12, Copenhagen, Denmark

Ancestrale is a natural wine bar and neighborhood restaurant in the Vesterbro area of Copenhagen. The menu is simple, and so is the cooking style. You can choose from the Ă  la carte list, with every dish priced at DKK 95, or the full five-course meal at a very generous total of DKK 395.

Kiin Kiin Bao Bao

Vesterbrogade 96, Copenhagen, Denmark

Kiin Kiin Bao Bao is a modern Asian tapas restaurant in the Vesterbro area of Copenhagen, but what you really want to go here for is, of course, gua bao. At Kiin Kiin Bao Bao you have to try the classic bao with braised pork, peanuts, and hoisin sauce, as well as the crispy chicken bao with chili mayo and scallions.

The Coffee Collective GodthĂĽbsvej

GodthĂĽbsvej 34 B, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Coffee Collective GodthĂĽbsvej opened in July 2012 as the third location of the high-quality Danish cafĂŠ chain. If you find yourself in the area of Frederiksberg craving a caffeine fix, or just a quiet place to work, this combined roastery and coffee shop in an old industrial building is the perfect spot.

Mao Bao

Skyttegade 5, Copenhagen, Denmark

Mao Bao is a permanent takeover/pop-up restaurant located in the cocktail bar Sidecar. They serve some of the best steam buns/authentic gua bao in Copenhagen, in addition to other Taiwanese snacks.

Ramen To BĂ­iru

Griffenfeldsgade 28, Copenhagen, Denmark

Ramen To BĂ­iru, meaning Ramen & Beer, was one of the first ramen shops in Copenhagen when it unlocked its door in December last year. The famous nomad brewery Mikkeller has joined forces with the restaurant Bento. Together they imported the Japanese chef Takuro Otani to perfect his original recipes in a Nordic environment. Or so they want you to believe, at least ...

Rødder & Vin

Ravnsborggade 8, Copenhagen, Denmark

Rødder & Vin is a tiny shop in Nørrebro selling natural wines and root vegetables – exactly as the name promises. Self-taught sommelier Solfinn Danielsen always has a glass of something delicious ready when curious customers come by to study his four shelves of carefully selected bottles.

Tapperiet Brus

Guldbergsgade 29 F, Copenhagen, Denmark

Tapperiet Brus is a brewpub by Tore & Tobias from To Øl, co-founded with the bartender Morten Bruun. Go here for To Øl and Mikkeller beers on tap or their innovative "taptails". The venue is also host to a brewery and restaurant. Enjoy the creative cooking style of head chef Christian Gadient and opt for the beer pairing menu.


Guldbergsgade 29, Copenhagen, Denmark

Bæst is an authentic Italian pizzeria by Relæ chef Christian Puglisi. They make their own charcuterie, fresh cheeses (ricotta, mozzarella and burrata) and get sourdough delivered from the corresponding bakery next-door – Mirabelle. The pizza is a must-order, of course.


Guldbergsgade 29, Copenhagen, Denmark

Mirabelle is an organic bakery and coffee shop that turns into a pasta restaurant for lunch and dinner. Owned by Kim Rossen and Christian Puglisi, the place supplies sourdough bread, baked goods, and pizza doughs to all their other places like BÌst, Manfreds, and RelÌ. The croissants are flaky and layered pieces of crunch heaven!


JĂŚgersborggade 13, Copenhagen, Denmark

Norwegian Anniken Sand and Danish Nina Victoria Berg Saroori were the first to open a liquid nitrogen ice cream shop in Scandinavia. The place is called Istid (Ice Age) and the idea came from Smitten Ice Cream in San Francisco. Stop by when you are in JÌgersborggade and order the salty caramel ice cream!


JĂŚgersborggade 41, Copenhagen, Denmark

RelĂŚ is a New Nordic restaurant by Italian chef and Noma alumni Christian Puglisi. It is consistently recognised as one of the best restaurants in the world and the one that works hardest to be as close as possible to 100 % organic and sustainable.


JĂŚgersborggade 40, Copenhagen, Denmark

Manfreds is the casual little sister of restaurant RelÌ. They are both located on the vibrant street JÌgersborggade in Nørrebro. Go here for the famous tartare or just to enjoy amazing natural wines.


JĂŚgersborggade 52, Copenhagen, Denmark

Terroiristen. Read that again. Yes, the terroir-terrorist! Clearly, they care about where the wine is from and how it is made here. A natural wine bar and shop in the trendy and bustling street JÌgersborggade in the area of Nørrebro. These guys prefer authentic wines, produced organically or biodynamically, from small producers, and were pioneers in that field.

The Coffee Collective JĂŚgersborggade

JĂŚgersborggade 57, Copenhagen, Denmark

Jægersborggade is the original location of the Coffee Collective – a collaboration of baristas who run four high quality coffee bars in Copenhagen. These guys have set the standard for how a Danish light roasted coffee should be made.

Møller Kaffe & Køkken

Nørrebrogade 160, Copenhagen, Denmark

Møller Kaffe & Køkken is one of the hottest brunch places in town. This is where you go to get a small rustic wooden table filled to the rafters with colorful plates for that perfect Instagram shot. Luckily, the food is also pretty good!


Ryesgade 118, Copenhagen, Denmark

Leckerbaer is a small couple-run pastry shop in the Østerbro area. Have a coffee in the cafÊ or buy their cookies, cakes and even ice cream to go. Top quality ingredients mixed with true passion and a keen eye for aesthetics, has resulted in some of the best-tasting and -looking sweets in Copenhagen (and on Instagram).

Østerberg Ice Cream

RosenvĂŚngets AllĂŠ 7C, Copenhagen, Denmark

Østerberg Ice Cream is a small artisanal ice cream vendor in the area of Østerbro on the East Side of Copenhagen. Everything from the cone to the cream is homemade and created with top quality ingredients and a whole lot of passion. Enjoy exciting flavors like dragonfruit, tamarind, and jackfruit, but also classics like vanilla, chocolate, and hazelnut. This is my favorite frozen dessert shop in town!


Per Henrik Lings AllĂŠ 4, Copenhagen, Denmark

Geranium is located in the 8th floor of Østerbro football stadium with a spectacular view of the city. In addition to holding three stars, head chef Rasmus Kofoed is one of the world's most decorated chefs and have created a mind-blowing New Nordic style of cooking.


Århusgade 22, Copenhagen, Denmark

Alchemist is the most progressive and provocative restaurant in Copenhagen, perhaps Europe. Unless you think eating bugs and brains are an everyday-activity. Don't go here if you are squeamish! You will be served cow udder, lamb's heart and brain, and even live woodlice. Yet, everything is insect-o-licious and insanely tasty ...

Søllerød Kro

Søllerødvej 35, Holte, Denmark

Søllerød Kro is a one-Michelin starred fine dining restaurant that more than any other place in Copenhagen badly deserves its second star. Let Jan Restorff, one of the world's best restaurant hosts, pamper you in the restaurant, while chef Brian Mark Hansen does his magic in the kitchen. Stepping into the old inn is like entering a different era completely, but with food that has a modern appearance despite its classical setting.