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Located in the city center of Sandnes, in Øglændkvartalet, Greip is a wine bar from Harald Sværen-Hjulstad that is heavily inspired by Territoriet in Oslo. Just like Territoriet, the wine glass of choice here is Zalto and the music plays from an old school record player. Thanks to the Coravin system, Greip will be able to offer most bottles by the glass. The name has a triple meaning: 1) the English word grape, 2) the Norwegian expression “henge på greip” which means “to make sense,” and 3) in this case “henge på Greip” literally means to hang out at Greip – which is what the customers will do.


Opening: December 6, 2021

Category: Bar

Address & Contact Information

Erling Skjalgsons gate 2, Sandnes, Norway

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