The Freedom Principle

Rumors & Newly Opened Restaurants

While not officially confirmed yet, we have reason to believe that team Maaemo and Esben Holmboe Bang will open another new restaurant in 2021, following the success of The Vandelay. Rumor has it that The Freedom Principle will be a large, casual restaurant. We believe the location to be nearby the so-called “Bakgårdsbygget” (the backyard building) of Kristian Augusts gate 11 in Tulinløkka. The area is currently under construction, so we expect the restaurant won’t open until late in the year. The new neighborhood will be an exciting addition to the city, with several new buildings and a park area that will open up this part of town more to Oslo residents.

PS: We’ve also learned that Esben Holmboe Bang is opening a new wine & cocktail bar in Oslobukta called The Conservatory.

The Freedom Principle

Opening: January 3, 2022

Category: Restaurant

Address & Contact Information

Kristian Augusts gate 11, Oslo, Norway


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