Café Pascal in Stockholm Delicious Coffee & Crunchy Croissants

Café Pascal is one of our favorite places for coffee in Stockholm. It’s one of the few cafés in town that serves hand-brewed V60 coffees. In addition to expertly brewing specialty coffee, they also roast their own beans. On our last visit, we enjoyed a natural anaerobic pour-over from Ethiopia with notes of juniper, bergamot, jasmine, and kiwi. This is a perfect place for a fika, but, in addition to pastries, they also serve sandwiches and larger lunch dishes. Pascal also has a second location in Södermalm.

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Café Pascal
Café Pascal

Address & Contact Information
Dalagatan 54, Stockholm, Sweden
V60 coffee and sweet cardamom buns
V60 coffee and sweet cardamom buns

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