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Breakfast is our favorite meal to cook at home. Why go out to brunch when you can make perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs at home? We love inviting friends over for brunch at our house, or cooking a big breakfast when we have family visiting. (Mimosas, anyone?) Amidst the different breads and breakfast spreads, there’s one thing that’s always on our breakfast table: eggs! How do you like your eggs in the morning? We like ours scrambled. Many soft scrambled egg recipes call for milk or cream to make the eggs fluffy – but you don’t need them! All you need are eggs, butter, and salt. Keep reading to see how we cook our perfect scrambled eggs.

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The cherry on top of these perfect scrambled eggs is the pinch of flaky sea salt. We use Saltverk, our favorite sea salt in the world, which is produced sustainably in the Westfjords of Iceland using only energy from geothermal hot springs. You read that right – 100% natural energy from the hottest Icelandic geysers powers the production of this incredible ingredient, and the whole process leaves zero carbon footprints on the environment. Seriously, does it get any cooler (I mean, hotter) than that?! A crunch of pure, crystallized saltwater is the perfect complement to the sweetness of the butter and sugar – that balance is what makes these cookies so addicting. But don’t trust us – try it for yourself! Saltverk is offering a 10% discount to our followers, just use the code ANDERSKAITLIN at checkout. (And for an even bigger discount, join our food club, The Hungries.)

Saltverk is our favorite flaky salt.



      1. Crack the eggs in a bowl and whisk thoroughly.
      2. Add a pinch of Saltverk salt.
      3. Melt butter in a pan on low heat.
      4. Add whisked eggs to the pan. The key to fluffy eggs is using a low temperature and constantly stirring to avoid overcooking. Remove the pan from the heat if needed, and move it back on the heat when you’re in control of the eggs again. (On the heat, off the heat!)
      5. Remove the eggs from the pan while they’re still a bit wet, as they will continue to cook.
      6. Sprinkle with more Saltverk salt.
      7. Enjoy!

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This post includes paid promotion for Saltverk.

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