Spill Sustainable Daily Dishes From Food Waste

Sponsored by Malmö Tourism

Sponsored by Malmö Tourism

The mission at Spill is simple – to make delicious meals out of food that would otherwise go to waste. The chefs get leftover produce from the restaurant suppliers and craft two dishes (one meat, one vegetarian) each day for the low price of 95 kroner. Still hungry? Refills are available for free – it’s important to Spill that everyone leaves full. The dining room takes up most of the lobby of a tall office building – the space feels like a modern canteen with pink-painted walls, communal tables, and fresh flowers. Restaurant Spill is run by the couple Erik Andersson Mohlin (head chef) and Ellinor Lindblom Mohlin (restaurant manager, formerly of Daniel Berlin).

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Address & Contact Information
Gängtappen, Stora Varvsgatan 11, Malmö, Sweden
The daily vegetable dish with beets.
The daily vegetable dish with beets.
It's busy in the kitchen of Spill during lunch.
It’s busy in the kitchen of Spill during lunch.

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