Where to Eat in Milan City Guide & Map of the Best Restaurants

Milan City Map

Milan is the second biggest metropolis in Italy, located in the northern part of the country. Milan is a cultural mecca, home to the breathtaking Duomo di Milano, Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, and one of the world’s best fashion scenes. It also houses some of Italy’s best restaurants.

In this foodie map, we have gathered all our Milan favorites. You’ll find everything from casual trattorias, to specialty coffee shops, natural wine bars, and, of course, gelato. Navigate the map easily either by scrolling through the list on the right or by clicking the points on the map. Places are listed in geographical order.

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Via Gaetano de Castillia 28, Milan, Italy

Ratanà is a quintessential Milanese restaurant, which was opened by chef Cesare Battisti in 2009. The restaurant is housed inside a historic building that was once a cinema, inside the beautiful Parco Biblioteca degli Alberi. The menu is a love letter to traditional Milanese dishes that have been reimagined in a modern way. You’ll find classics like the costoletta (Milanese schnitzel) and, of course, a saffron risotto with bone marrow, as well as rotating seasonal dishes highlighting ingredients from small-scale Italian farmers. This is the perfect place to indulge in a full-on pasta party!


Via Felice Casati 27, Milan, Italy

Pavé started a breakfast revolution when they first opened in Milan in 2012, and they haven’t looked back since. A decade later, this is still one of the city’s best bakeries, and a great place to satisfy your sweet tooth. The most difficult part about visiting Pavé will be deciding what you want to order: their counter is filled with a vast selection of pastries, cakes, and savory focaccia.

Orsonero Coffee

Via Giuseppe Broggi 15, Milan, Italy

Orsonero is a specialty coffee shop with two locations in Milan. We went to the original location, where we enjoyed a natural pour-over, a cappuccino, and a croissant from Pasticceria Clèa. Orsonero frequently rotates their offering with a vast selection of specialty roasters, including some of our Scandinavian favorites like Coffee Collective, Morgon, La Cabra, and Koppi. They also serve lots of coffees we haven’t tried before, such as local Italian roaster Gardelli. A must-visit for coffee lovers!

Pasta Fresca Brambilla

Via Melzo 2, Milan, Italy

Pasta Fresca Brambilla is an unassuming pasta shop and bistro serving fresh, hand-made pasta dishes of the day. The handwritten chalkboard menu changes frequently, with just a handful of dishes for sale each day. On our visit, we tried the spaghetti with ragù, the lasagna, and the ravioli filled with burrata (our favorite). Pasta Fresca Brambilla is only open for lunch, with just a small amount of tables inside the shop as well as some on the sidewalk. There are a few bottles of wine and beers available if you’re thirsty.


Via Felice Bellotti 13, Milan, Italy

Crosta is an all-day bakery and pizzeria in Porta Venezia serving loaves of sourdough bread and modern pizza. There are quite a few pizzas on their menu, from classics like Margherita and Marinara to ones with more exciting toppings. Our favorite pizza was the seasonal vegetable pizza with zucchini and eggplant, and we also enjoyed the potato and pesto pizza. There is seating both inside and outside, and a small selection of beer and wine.

Loste Café

Via Francesco Guicciardini 3, Milan, Italy

Loste Café is a coffee shop and bakery from Stefano Ferraro and Lorenzo Cioli, two Italians both of whom formerly worked at Noma in Copenhagen. Come in the morning for a coffee and a bite of the best pastries in Milan, all of which are made by hand daily. Our favorites were the cinnamon roll and “the Kev,” a buttery cookie filled with raspberry jam and custard cream. At lunch, enjoy a light bite and a glass of wine.


Via Macedonio Melloni 33, Milan, Italy

Terroir is a café, aperitivo bar, and deli shop, proudly serving artisanal, high-quality products from small producers around Italy. In the store, you can find fresh pasta, cheese, meat, fresh fruit and vegetables from local farmers, as well as shelves of dried goods, wine, and other specialty items, like chocolate bars or taralli. In the morning, you can enjoy specialty coffee from small roasters around the world alongside pastries from Nowhere Café. We had a natural pour-over that was expertly brewed. In the evening, pick a bottle of natural wine from the fridge and some Italian snacks from the shelves and enjoy them in the shop or at a table on the street. We popped a bottle of Italian bubbles from Costadila, and had some charcuterie on the side.

Alberto Marchetti Gelaterie

Viale Monte Nero 73, Milan, Italy

One of our favorite gelato shops in Milan is Alberto Marchetti, a small chain that started in Turin and later expanded to Milan and Alba. Each shop has its own laboratory where the gelato is made fresh daily with raw, clean ingredients. Our go-to order here is a cone filled with gianduja (their house-made chocolate hazelnut sauce), a scoop or two of the creamy gelato (the pistachio is amazing!), topped with panna (whipped cream).


Via Bernardino Corio 8, Milan, Italy

Pastamadre is (as the name implies) a pasta restaurant, located in the Porta Romana neighborhood of Milan. Our favorite pasta was the spaghetti in a white onion fondue with pecorino cheese, but we also loved the paccheri with beef ragù, and the breaded eggplant with a tomato tartare, gazpacho, fried capers, and cheese fondue. Pastamadre prides itself on its sustainability efforts, both on the plate and inside the restaurant, where the interior is constructed from all recycled materials. The ingredients are sourced from small producers, and the wine list is all natural.


Via S. Calocero 3, Milan, Italy

When you’re craving something other than pasta, Bentoteca is the place for you – our meal here was a highlight during our Milan trip. Chef Yoji Tokuyoshi’s menu is Japanese-inspired, but uses all local, Italian ingredients. There’s a tasting menu available, but if you have a few friends with you we recommend going à la carte and trying as much of the menu as possible. Skip the mains and go heavy on the snacks here – there are so many dishes that cannot be missed, including the gyoza, the bao, the veal tongue katsu sando, and the DIY tuna temaki. Added bonus: Bentoteca has one of the best natural wine lists in Milan!


Via Spadari 13, Milan, Italy

Our other favorite gelato shop in Milan is conveniently located near the Duomo. Ciacco offers a wide range of creative gelato flavors, from classics like pistachio and chocolate, to more experimental flavors like ragù, bone marrow, and pulled pork. All of the gelato is natural and made without any additives or preservatives. Don’t miss our favorite flavor – the salted butter gelato with bourbon vanilla. Ciacco also has a shop in Parma.

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