Hart Brød + Bar (Expansion)

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The Noma team is rapidly expanding their empire! After opening POPL Burger and Hart Brød + Bar last year, we’re hearing (unconfirmed) rumors of even more exciting plans from René Redzepi and company. Our sources have revealed that POPL will be taking over the former 108 the Corner spot to sell take-away burgers, and Hart Brød + Bar will be moving down the street (close to the Opera House) and expanding into a much larger space. The charming new venue resembles an old red farmhouse, with floor to ceiling windows and a large terrace with wooden picnic tables and benches for outdoor imbibing. Noma has always been at the forefront of the natural wine movement in Scandinavia, so we expect the wine list (curated by Mads Kleppe and the other Noma sommeliers) to feature small winemakers who respect nature and don’t mess too much with the fermented grape juice. Also available: bread and caviar servings, tea cocktails from the Rare Tea Lady, and more. We’ve heard that the wine bar could open as soon as late summer.

Is this the new Noma wine bar?
Is this the new Noma wine bar?

Hart Brød + Bar (Expansion)

Opening: November 6, 2021

Category: Bakery, Bar

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Galionsvej 41, Copenhagen, Denmark

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