15 Foodies You Have to Follow on Instagram My Secret to Discovering the Best Eats

If you’re a foodie like me, you want to stay updated on the best restaurant recommendations around the world from like-minded people. Instagram is the best source for that. Unlike a blog, Instagram is rather chaotic, though. You have to sort the information yourself. However, if you have a passion for good food, that won’t be a problem. I’ll let you in on a little secret: these are the 15 foodies you have to follow on Instagram if you want to discover the best places to eat first. Listed in no particular order.

Ooops! I’m not on the list myself, but you are following my Instagram, right? If not, add @andershusa!

1. Margaret Lam – @little_meg_siu_meg

Hong Kong girl with a base in Tokyo who travels all over the world to eat at the best restaurants. Her Instagram is more than a collection of photos – it’s stories about restaurants and insights into dishes. Her knowledge of food is extensive. Her record number of Japanese kakigoris eaten is unparalleled.

2. Jason & Grace – @cityfoodsters

San Francisco-based couple who travels to the end of the world and back again. If there’s an Instagram-friendly scenery outlook, a unique restaurant, or a spectacular lodging facility, you can be sure that Jason & Grace have been there. Capturing every breathtaking moment with their camera or drone. We’ve met them both in their hometown and in Taipei, and they always know the local secrets.

3. Aiste Miseviciute – @luxeat

Former supermodel turned food blogger. How often do you hear that? Aiste, aka Luxeat, is based at Ibiza, but frequently visits Paris, Tokyo and other parts of the world. She’ll take you on the inside only of the best places, as her taste is refined – but she enjoys a good grilled fish as much as caviar.

4. Kang Leong – @londoneater

No one knows London quite like Kang Leong. His blog, Londoneater, is the best guide to both casual and fine dining in the world metropole. It turns out he’s quite the home cook as well.

Et innlegg delt av Kang (@londoneater)

5. Arve Krognes – @starvefood

Arve Krognes is the PR-manager at Noma, which allows him to give you a unique inside look at the daily operations of the world’s most influential restaurant. In addition, his great network ensures that he always knows where to go next for good eats.

Et innlegg delt av starvefood (@starvefood)

6. Katherine Bont – @katherinebont

Katherine Bont, originally from Australia, works as the front of house manager at restaurant Noma in Copenhagen. Whatever #bontdiscovers so should you. Katherine was my main reference for Sydney during the Noma Australia pop-up, and for Tulum during the Noma Mexico pop-up, and she always finds the best places in Copenhagen first.

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7. Andras Jokuti – @jokuti

Hungarian food blogger and world traveler Andras Jokuti writes in both English and his native tongue. When he doesn’t eat, he runs marathons, and he’s in damn good shape. Trust me, I’ve been on his tail.

8. Rasmus Palsgård – @feinschmeckeren

Few people know Copenhagen like Rasmus Palsgård, better known as his alias Feinschmeckeren. Despite his name, Rasmus is a humble and down-to-earth kind of guy, who simply captures his love for wine and exquisite eats whenever he can.

9. Andy Hayler – @wyahaw

The man who ate the world! At least, he’s the only man to dine at all the three-Michelin-starred restaurants in the world (and quite a few more one- and two-starred places). Since his goal is to catch up with Michelin, you can try catching up with him, especially if you are into the classical French cuisine.

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10. Bonjwing Lee – @ulteriorepicure

Bonjwing Lee was an anonymous food writer for many years, known only as The Ulterior Epicure. Today his identity has been revealed to be an American of Asian decent – a sort of blogger by night and writer/photographer by day!

11. Adam Goldberg – @alifewortheating

Adam Goldberg is a software engineer, an amazing food photographer and the editor of several magazines. You can find his personal work at A Life Worth Eating, and the corresponding Instagram account. Adam takes some of the most stunning pictures out there, mostly from Paris, New York, and Tokyo restaurants.

12. Elizabeth Auerbach – @elizabethonfood

Elizabeth Auberbach is a Dutch-based food writer who visits mostly Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe and the United States, in particular, the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain. Elizabeth on Food is a completely independent critic, and only writes for her own page, except sometimes picking the spots on Eater‘s heatmaps.

13. Amélie Vincent – @thefoodalist

Amélie Vincent is based in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. She writes her own blog called the Foodalist, in addition to being an official tastemaker for the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

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14. Adrien Juif – @adrienfoodinparis

Adrien is your guy in Paris. Both his Instagram account and the blog, Food in Paris, is in French, but his pictures can be devoured with your eyes anyway.

15. David Dudi Califa – @the.hungry.tourist

David Dudi Califa is the Hungry Tourist! He covers all the regions of the globe, and is often seen in company with other foodies, chefs, and like-minded people. This guy has true passion for food!

Which other great foodies do you follow? Please let me know in a comment.

Anders Husa

Anders Husa and Kaitlin Orr are food & travel bloggers and creative content creators. From their base in Copenhagen, they operate the largest and most influential restaurant-focused travel blog in Scandinavia.


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