B.A.R Naturlig Krog & Vinbar Natural Wine Bar & New Nordic Bistro (Closed Permanently)

Located around the corner from Davidshallstorg in Malmö, you find B.A.R naturlig krog & vinbar – a natural wine bar and New Nordic bistro. B.A.R stands for Besnik Gashi and Robert Jakobsson which is the name of the two head chefs. They both care deeply about the environment and use only local, sustainable, organic produce. An orange brick facade with a huge red awning over the windows welcomes you to sit outside when the weather allows. Inside, are checkered floors, white brick walls, and wooden tables. The food is rustic, simple, and a good mix of Nordic with Southern-European influences.

Note: This restaurant has closed permanently.

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B.A.R naturlig krog & vinbar
B.A.R naturlig krog & vinbar
Egg & chanterelles. Simple and rustic
Egg & chanterelles. Simple and rustic
Partida Creus VN Red. It's all about natural wines here.
Partida Creus VN Red. It’s all about natural wines here.

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