Bula Neobistro Where a Gas Station Hot Dog is Turned Gourmet

Chef Reneé Fagerhøi grew up on a farm, and as a child she dreamed about all the food she couldn’t have in the Trøndelag region. At her restaurant Bula Neobistro, she takes those memories and turns them into reality, in a menu where fast food meets fine dining. A gas station hot dog is refined with house-made sausage, bread, and toppings. Dishes range from her signature pig’s ear chicharron to the simple and banal dish of melted cheese in a cup with croutons for dipping.

Fagerhøi’s inspiration is international with a preference for bold flavors and a lot of salt, fat, and umami – the dishes are sometimes too rich and unbalanced, but they are never boring or bland. If you book a table at Bula you have to choose between a 5-course or 10-course menu, but if you just drop in and sit at the bar you can order smaller dishes and snacks.

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What’s your favorite fast food that you would want as a gourmet version? Please share in a comment below.

Anders Husa

I am Anders Husa – a foodie living in Oslo. I eat at the best restaurants in Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and the major food destinations in the world. I share my foodie stories here.

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