Review: Isted Grill This Flæskestegssandwich is Our Guilty Pleasure

We admit it – we have a guilty pleasure. In Istedgade, we found the ultimate spot in Copenhagen for that final late-night snack before you go home after a long night out. At Isted Grill, there’s only one thing you want, and that’s the pork roast sandwich. Look on the menu for what the Danes call a “flæskestegssandwich”. This is not trash gourmet, this is just good old junk food, but it tastes amazing at the right time of the day. Or at night, rather. The “flæskestegssandwich” at Isted Grill costs almost nothing and fulfills exactly what you need to ease your hangover the following morning.

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Look for this lit sign!
Look for this lit sign!

Address & Contact Information
Istedgade 92, Copenhagen, Denmark

The first time Anders went here for a snack was after a long meal at Geranium. Despite having had plenty of food, his body craved something salty and fat. He had received a tip from a friend about Isted Grill and its famous late-night sandwich. When he entered the shop, the local drunks also made sure to instantly informed him of what to get. While he was studying the menu to find the item in question, one of the guys yelled at him: “Flæskestegsandwich! With Béarnaise! That settled it, for sure.

We’ve deliberately included photos of the sandwich in the making because this is truly nothing fancy. It’s a junk food kitchen in the same style as any other kebab shop, but don’t worry, you can trust Mr. & Mrs. Lee. They’ve run this shop since the 1980s, and the place is so famous that the locals threw Mr. Lee a huge street party for his 60th birthday. For only DKK 33 you get a piece of pork roast with cracklings, wrapped in a soft sesame bun and topped with sour pickled gherkins, sweet fermented cabbage, and a fatty Béarnaise-flavored mayo. At this time of night, that’s all you want.

The famous "flæskestegsandwich". Soft buns, crispy pork roast, fermented cabbage, pickled gherkins, and a Béarnaise sauce.
The famous “flæskestegsandwich”. Soft buns, crispy pork roast, fermented cabbage, pickled gherkins, and a Béarnaise sauce.
It looks like a lot of options, but there's only one choice – the "flæskestegsandwich."
It looks like a lot of options, but there’s only one choice – the “flæskestegsandwich.”
The premade sauces and add-ons
The premade sauces and add-ons
Fry, baby, fry
Fry, baby, fry

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Anders Husa

Anders Husa and Kaitlin Orr are food & travel bloggers and creative content creators. From their base in Copenhagen, they operate the largest and most influential restaurant-focused travel blog in Scandinavia.


  • Without a doubt Dünyam Shawarma House on Istedgade, near Enghave Torv. Often my first and always my last stop on a night out in KBH. Recommend “Durum mix med hvidløgsdressing og lidt chili”. If you want to go all-in, then you’ll have to wash it down with a Faxe Condi :o) I’ve yet to find a better late night snack.

  • Pizzahuset på Gothersgade. It’s probably the same quality as those Flæsk’ere, but darn it hits the spot after a night out. Especially around Gothersgade. It’s not really fatty and salty but rather fresh(ly baked bread) and solid flavors. Love it

  • You should try a place Called “grisen”. Its a place where you Can get a very greasy “bøfsandwich”. I Think it has been nominated as the best bøfsandwich in Denmark.

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