Sneak Peek: Noma Mexico The First Photos of the Tulum Pop-up

Noma Mexico opened for service last night on April 12th 2017 in Tulum. In case you haven’t paid attention to the culinary world lately, that’s the third pop-up of Copenhagen-based Noma – the most influential restaurant in the world. Tokyo in Japan was the first-ever destination of their pop-up series in 2015. Last year they explored Sydney, and I was there for the 2016 Noma Australia. This time, René Redzepi and his team of 145 staff members are taking on the amazing Mexican cuisine of the Yucatán region. Incredible fruits, wonderful seafood, lots of chilis, and tacos, tacos, tacos! In just three weeks, we’ll be sitting under the palm trees of their outdoor restaurant ourselves, and I can’t wait. To kill the time I follow them in social media, and now photos of the exclusive $600 menu have been revealed.

Update: Read the full review of Noma Mexico.

Follow Team Noma on Instagram

Scrolling through the pictures they put out is like peeking inside the most secret rooms of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory – except it’s a tropical paradise! If you’re also following Noma and René Redzepi on Instagram, you know what I’m talking about. Make sure to watch the daily Instagram stories for the most inside look of the operation. I also highly recommend following Arve the PR manager, Katherine the front of house manager, Rosio of Hija de Sanchez who has teamed up once more with her former employer, and Thomas who is head of R&D. In addition to Arve, the only other Norwegian currently working at Noma are Gaute and Eline. Lastly, if you would like to see even more photos from the meal taken by guests, check out the Noma Mexico geotag and the #nomamexico hashtag.

René Has Showcased Some of the Amazing Produce of Mexico


Jackfruits the size of a small person.


Guanábaba fruit (René describes it as having a custard-like texture, tasting intensely sweet, with hints of marzipan and a kick of acidity).

Pork heads.

Et innlegg delt av starvefood (@starvefood)

Mindboggling Dishes!

Flor de Mayo and ginger, Pinuela and tamarind, Spring cactus with ant paste and Giant kelp and mussel michelada.

Melon clam from the Sea of Cortez, beach greens, lime, and a squeeze of orange.

Salbute (puffed deep-fried tortilla) with dried tomatoes and chapulines (fried Mexican grasshoppers).

Cold masa broth with lime and “all the flowers of the moment.”

Fresh cream and caviar served in a young coconut half.

Tropical fruit and chile de árbol

Banana ceviche in ant juice.

Oyster taco. Bahia Falsa oyster, with fermented beef and an egg sauce in chaya taco (a leaf known as tree spinach).

Avocado, squash, and local greens with sea herbs and a tomatillo and avocado fudge presented in a grilled pumpkin.

A sauce in local ceramics shaped like a pig.

Tostada with escamoles (ant eggs).

Octopus cooked underground served with a sauce made of roasted pumpkin seeds.

The roasted pork is presented.

Pork tacos. Cerdo Pelon (Mexican Creole hairless pig) and a taco of corn from Yaxunah.

Cilantro, lime, grilled banana and jicama (Mexican turnip).

Grilled avocado and mamey seeds dessert.

Chilis with chocolate ice cream made by cacao from Jaguar.

Crazy Kitchen

In addition to a Vesuvio grill oven ( a type of Josper grill), René and his team are also cooking on live fires. Look at these adjustable grills for cooking at different temperatures.

Meet the Noma Staff

Eline Bordvik from Norway (former chef at restaurant Credo in Trondheim).

Et innlegg delt av noma (@nomacph)

Ali, the dishwasher for 10 years and now co-owner of Noma!

Mette Søberg, another R&D chef at Noma.

Et innlegg delt av noma (@nomacph)

The tortilla chefs. Because you can’t beat the locals!

Do you have one of the golden tickets to Noma Mexico as well? Please drop a few words in the comments below and tell me how excited you are.

All photos are embedded from Instagram. Header photo: Noma (Facebook).

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