Open Your Own Pop-up Restaurant! Brygg Oslo Has the Location & Kitchen Ready for You

Ad for Brygg Oslo

Ad for Brygg Oslo

Are you dreaming of opening your own restaurant? Then I have good news for you. It doesn’t matter whether or not you already work as a chef in Oslo, or even own another restaurant, as long as you have a great culinary idea. From September this year, Brygg Oslo gives you the opportunity to pre-test your new restaurant concept with almost no economic risk involved. In central Oslo, at Storggata 7 to be precise, there are two pop-up kitchens waiting to be filled with exciting new eateries. The exact opening date is August 30th.

You can apply for one of the spots by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

Up the stairs to the pop-up kitchen on the second floor
Up the stairs to the pop-up kitchen on the second floor

What’s the Deal With These Pop-up Kitchens?

Each kitchen is 9.1 m², with a shared dish washing station (9.1 m²) and prep kitchen (13.8 m²) which includes a cooling room and freezer cabinet. Both kitchens are equipped with an Electrolux steamer, induction plates, fridges, freezers, and deep-fryers. Besides that, you are free to bring your own equipment along – whatever you need. Especially if you’re young and just starting up, you might find the monthly rent difficult to believe. All you pay is 10% of the revenue you generate. That means: If you sell food for NOK 100.000 one month, then your rent is NOK 10.000, but if you have a bad month and only sell for NOK 50.000, your rent is no more than NOK 5.000.

A low-risk pop-up like this gives you the freedom to adapt to the market and change up your final product. If a majority of guests at Brygg Oslo does not appreciate your food, then there’s a good chance the rest of Oslo won’t either. Once you’ve cracked the code and feel ready to take it to the next level, you shut down your pop-up at Brygg Oslo, and go out into the real world of monthly rents, costly kitchen equipment, and paying staff.

Floor plan of the two kitchens at Brygg Oslo
Floor plan of the two kitchens at Brygg Oslo
This huge bronze brew kettle decorates the largest bar on the ground floor
This huge bronze brew kettle decorates the largest bar on the ground floor

What Exactly is Brygg Oslo?

When Brygg Oslo opens, it will be a brew bar, a brewery lab, and a coffee brewery across two floors. There’s actually going to be three bars in total, and the first one greets you upon entering the building. A coffee bar by day that morphs into a beer bar in the afternoon. The main bar on the ground floor will have 40 beers on tap and is easily recognizable by the huge, old, copper brew kettle on the wall. Lastly, there’s a dedicated bar to cover the first floor (up the stairs), which has a greater focus on bottled beer (at least 200 different ones). This floor is also where the pop-up kitchens are located, as well as ping pong tables. The two pop-ups will be able to serve food to all guests of Brygg Oslo, all day long, both for lunch and dinner.

The brew lab will be totally unique in Oslo. A place where eager beer enthusiasts can learn to make their own batch of Saison or IPA, but also for experienced home-brewers to get access to a more professional space and equipment. Develop your skills, and get help with both brewing and storing your beer. No more stinky bathrooms, kitchen-closets, or basements!

Details from the wall upstairs
Details from the wall upstairs

Who’s Behind This Project?

They are among Oslo’s most experienced restaurateurs and property developers that you’ve never heard of. Trøbbelskyter creates cultural meeting places, and Brygg Oslo is their latest project. You might have heard about Kulturhuset, Sukkerbiten, Tøyengata Bodega and Oslo Camping? Well, guess what? Trøbbelskyter is, or was, involved in all of them – and had a big helping hand in opening Ugla and Erlik Kaffe.

I was given a sneak preview of the two floors of Brygg Oslo, and while they are not even close to ready yet, they are slowly getting there. It looks like it’s going to be awesome. The guys asked me for help with getting the word out, in particular to young chefs, since a lot of industry people read my articles and follow my rumors closely. I hope it’s valuable to you.

The brew lab under construction
The brew lab under construction

What kind of pop-up concepts would you love to see at Brygg Oslo? Let me know in the comments.


This is a paid ad for Brygg Oslo.

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