Pjoltergeist is Closing Sad News For All Oslo Foodies

Sad news for all Oslo foodies! Pjoltergeist is closing. Yes, the best casual restaurant in town without comparison, and my personal favorite in Oslo, is shutting the doors for good. I knew this day had to come one day, but I was hoping it would be closer to 2028 than 2018. According to several sources, the restaurant will have its last opening day on June 2nd in 2018.

I don’t wanna speculate on the reasons for the shutdown, but it’s unlikely to be economic causes. Dackel & Son AS had an income of more than 10 million NOK in 2016 with a profit of 1,3 million. Most likely, the rent in Rosteds gate 15 B (the only restaurant address I know by heart) has been quite low, seeing as how the neighbors are mostly kebab restaurants, Thai massage parlors, and a sex shop. The guys at Pjoltergeist have allowed themselves almost three months of summer holiday every year, which is unheard of in the restaurant business.

It could be as simple as the trio, Atli Mar Yngavason, Susanne Låstad, and Sverre Bøyum being tired of the current concept. Quitting while they are on top like Jerry Seinfeld? In the case of Pjoltergeist, I would rather have seen them playing until the bitter end like the Rolling Stones. Sadly, head chef Atli Mar Yngavasson has confirmed these rumors.

Langoustine, chives mayo & söl (Icelandic seaweed)
Langoustine, chives mayo & söl (Icelandic seaweed)

A little bird also told me that Atli and the LAVA Restaurant Group might have some plans together next year, but this has neither been confirmed nor denied. It makes sense, though, seeing as how Atli is a good friend of Even Ramsvik – having previously worked as his sous chef at the now-closed restaurant Ylajali. That would mean that Susanne and Sverre are on their own, to develop a new project, or perhaps return to Bergen where they originally started their careers. Only time will tell. I will update this story if I get more details.

Head chef Atli Mar Yngvason
Head chef Atli Mar Yngvason

I guess the question is not if, but how many times will you book a table before Pjoltergeist closes for good? Feel free to join me in my mourning of this Oslo institution in the comments below.

Anders Husa

I am Anders Husa – a foodie living in Oslo. I eat at the best restaurants in Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and the major food destinations in the world. I share my foodie stories here.


  • What a shame; it’s an Oslo institution! So glad I got to experience it and hope to again before they close…

  • Fantastisk restaurant! This is a shame. Pjoltergeist has together with a few other restaurants in oslo contributed to a revolution in the interess and the progress of Norways restaurants.
    Making it interesting for foodies around the world, and really putting Oslo on the map.
    We are Sorry to se it go,and we hope theese people Can suprise us with Something in the future.

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