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Broremann Bar is the most exciting cocktail bar in Stavanger. Young, passionate bartenders mix innovative drinks, nicely presented with well-balanced and pungent flavors. Most drinks revolve around the three spirits gin, rum, and whiskey, and the menu changes twice a year. I went there for a cocktail tasting and sat down for a chat with bartender Morten Sunde.

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What’s the story of Broremann Bar?

– Broremann Bar has existed since 1990, but the current concept is just a little over a year old.  In addition to me, the team consists of Jesper Rosvall who is the head bartender, and Morten Gonzales Summers who is the owner. Jesper and I regularly compete in different bartender competitions. We’ve also recently opened a larger cocktail bar and nightclub, Cocktailfabrikken, on the third floor above restaurant Tango (soon to move location). As the name indicates, drink recipes are made simpler here to be able to cater to a larger audience without the long wait times. Guests today are more knowledgeable and interested in cocktails than ever before. They want something else than mojito – luckily – but they still want it served fast. We accept that challenge and try to stay ahead of our clients.

Broremann Bar
Broremann Bar

Which cocktails am I tasting today?

– We’ll start off easy with a refreshing gin-based drink called Gin Garden. Moving on to Apple Crisp, which is like an apple cake in the shape of a cocktail, but more balanced in flavor. Very Christmasy. A highly popular drink among guests is Burning Passion, made with a chili syrup and, thus, quite hot – I hope you can handle it? Agave de Aristoteles is my type of drink, it has mezcal, sherry, vermouth, and chocolate bitters. Rich and heavy like we bartenders enjoy our cocktails. Finally, you’ll get a dessert. Espresso Martini is a popular drink after dinner. We have a slightly different version called Popcorn Martini. It’s more creamy and icy. We use Regal rum, which we infuse with popcorn and butter, and sous vide for two hours. Mix that with popcorn syrup, heavy cream, vanilla, and shake it up. Voila!

Apple Crisp with dehydrated apple & cinnamon stick
Apple Crisp with dehydrated apple & cinnamon stick

Where else do I go for great drinks in Stavanger?

– In addition to Broremann Bar, you should check out Harry Pepper. They focus primarily on tequila and mezcal, and the skilled bartenders know their shit. I imagine, they must have the largest selection of tequila in Scandinavia. Bar Negroni is another good cocktail bar, but their drinks are way more classic, with a heavier flavor of liquor. It’s not as camouflaged as modern drinks. As a bartender, I love that, but people might find that it tastes too much of alcohol.

Popcorn Martini
Popcorn Martini

What’s your favorite cocktail bar in Stavanger? Feel free to drop a comment below.

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