Democratic Coffee Bar The Almond Croissants Are to Die For

The almond croissants at Democratic Coffee Bar are well-known among foodies in Copenhagen. This library café come hipster hangout has perfected one of the ultimate treats of the pastry world: A multi-layered, super crunchy, mega fluffy croissant, which is twice baked. The second time cut in half and filled with a warm, sweet, gooey cream of sugar and almonds and topped with almond flakes. Your brain screaming for one more piece will battle your arteries crying for a truce.

Democratic Coffee Bar
Democratic Coffee Bar

Finally, Decent Coffee and YouTube Croissants!

Democratic Coffee Bar is located in the Danish public library in Krystalgade in the inner city. Apparently, the place was born as a result of the current owner hating the shitty coffee they used to serve here. By chance, Oliver was looking for a change in his life and the library was looking for a new person to run the coffee shop. The funniest part? He learned how to bake the croissants on YouTube!

The almond croissant
The almond croissant
Carrot cake
Carrot cake

From One Foodie to Another

The earlier you show up the bigger the chances that there are any of the almond croissants left. I wouldn’t risk a late afternoon visit. If you come by just after they open you’ll add an extra element of awesomeness to the French deliciousness: fresh out of the oven warm. I’d like to thank my good friend Arve, aka Starvefood, for pointing me in the direction of Democratic Coffee Bar last year. Make sure to follow him on Instagram for weekly foodie tips in Copenhagen and the world. In turn, I believe I have passed the addiction on to Vinstudinen after bringing her here. At least, I’ve seen her return to the cream scene (pun intended) again and again. By chance, I even ran into her once, just about to bite into the flaky pâtisserie! Caught in action!

Don't forget the coffee
Don’t forget the coffee
Danish pastry with cheese, ham & poached egg
Danish pastry with cheese, ham & poached egg

Democratic Coffee Bar

Order Some Coffee With Your Croissant

Don’t forget to order coffee, though. Democratic Coffee Bar is also one of Copenhagen’s best spots for the black brew. V60 is their specialty, but they’ll make you a proper espresso or milk-based cappu-latte-hiato too. Being a library bar, the shelves hold plenty of books and magazines that you’re free to read while you’re there. I also find it to be a nice workspace, right in the middle of the city – sitting in the window people-watching. There’s a free Wi-Fi nearby you can connect to. Not offered by the café, but an open neighboring network. Have another croissant in a while. You know you want to.

What’s the best croissant you ever had? Please share in a comment.

Anders Husa

I am Anders Husa – a foodie living in Oslo. I eat at the best restaurants in Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and the major food destinations in the world. I share my foodie stories here.


  • Thanks a lot for outing my guilty pleasures 🙂
    I recently had the most delicious almond croissant from Mirabelle. I have to say it competes against the ones from Democratic Coffee, but who needs to choose anyway?

    And the croissants of Copenhagen beats the croissants in Brussels any day!

    • My pleasure! The Democratic one beats most others in terms of layers and crunchiness, but I didn’t try their almond filled ones yet.

  • I have only tried the almond croissant from “Brødbakerne” at Skøyen- 1000 calories of heaven!

  • Hi anders,
    we are in town and just taste it earlier. The almond croissants are really really gooooooorgeous! Thank you for pointing the way and the best thing is we live very close to it! We decide to go there every day while stay in town, haha 🙂

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