Hekkan Burger Stavanger Rogaland's Best Burger Joint Expands

Burger lovers rejoice! Hekkan Burger is now available in Stavanger as well, having expanded from its original location in Sandnes. Pedersgata now appears as the main street for foodies in Stavanger, and the new venue is far more spacious than the original hole-in-the-wall burger shack in Sandnes. Ole Dysjaland still makes one of Norway’s best burgers, and certainly the best in Rogaland. Now, he has even more room to play around with recipes, plenty of seats for dine-in guests, and a far more exciting drinks menu. You should definitely order the original cheeseburger and butter burger (inspired by Gasoline Grill), but the new dirty burger is also worth a try – albeit messy. However, the one item you cannot miss is the dry age burger with an Emmy-inspired spicy sauce.

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The butter burger inspired by Gasoline Grill.
The butter burger inspired by Gasoline Grill.
The O.G. cheeseburger.
The O.G. cheeseburger.
Crispy fries!
Crispy fries!

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