Moo’s Craft Barbecue Brisket, Burger, and Beer Heaven in Los Angeles

A wave of barbecue joints have opened in Los Angeles recently, and Moo’s Craft Barbecue just might be our favorite of the bunch. Of course, you need to try the slabs of brisket (order them moist!), but you also need to try the smoked brisket burger. Moo’s takes their brisket trimmings and molds them into a patty, which they then season and smoke for extra flavor. They top the burger with cheese, raw onions, and aioli – it’s a little smoky, incredibly juicy, and absolutely delicious. Pro tip: be sure to pre-order the burger online – they sell out!

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The smoked brisket burger is a Moo's signature.
The smoked brisket burger is a Moo’s signature.

Address & Contact Information
2118 N Broadway, Los Angeles, California
We ordered a little bit of everything!
We ordered a little bit of everything!
The carnivore digs into the brisket.
The carnivore digs into the brisket.

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