My Most Engaging Media in 2017 A Summary of the Top Rated Posts

I am not going to bore you with a long summary of where I traveled and which restaurants I dined at in 2017. Instead, I’ll leave you with a top 5-list of my most engaging media in the year that has passed. Both videos which I publish on my Facebook and Youtube, photos and videos that I post on my Instagram, and articles that I write here on this very blog. I think, if others enjoyed them, you might find them interesting as well, right? Also, if you don’t already follow me in all these channels, I would appreciate if you liked my Facebook page, subscribed to my YouTube channel, and followed my Instagram account.

Which conclusions can we draw from these statistics? Well, people certainly love videos – that’s a no-brainer. As for food photos, strong colors, or scrumptious-looking fast-food and desserts rate high on the like-o-meter. My readers also seem to enjoy rumors (!), guides, maps, and lists. As well as remarkable little restaurants in odd locations that you’ve never heard about. Great, I’m all set for what I should focus on in 2018 then.

Speaking about 2018, it looks like it is going to be an equally exciting year of great food as the last one. In mid-January, we leave for Bangkok and Thailand, amongst other things to dine at Gaggan (the best restaurant in Asia) and experience the wonderful Bangkok street food (if it’s still legal?). February takes us to Copenhagen, for the re-opening of restaurant Noma, the new restaurant Sanchez by Rosio Sanchez as well as other exciting meals. In March, we hope to visit Iceland for the first time in our lives. I’ll be back in Copenhagen for two trips in April, one of them being my own foodie trip. Did you sign up yet? There is still one spot left as of today! In May, I’ll visit Bergen and try to make the best possible guide to the city in less than one week. Finally, Helsinki is due in June.

That’s how far as I have planned thus far, but I also hope to get myself to the Faroe Islands, the Swedish forests, London, Paris, and perhaps a trip to Asia. Only time will tell. I also asked my followers in a Facebook poll, which destinations they’d like to see me visit in 2018. Some interesting suggestions came up, also in the comments on my post. I promise to consider them all very carefully. In the meantime, I wish you a happy New Year!

My Most Viewed Videos in 2017

No. 1 – Alchemist in Copenhagen, Denmark

Total views on Facebook & YouTube: 406.000

No. 2 – Geranium in Copenhagen, Denmark

Total views on Facebook & YouTube: 264.000

No. 3 – Noma Mexico in Tulum, Mexico

Total views on Facebook & YouTube: 100.000

No. 4 – AOC in Copenhagen, Denmark

Total views on Facebook & YouTube: 83.000

No. 5 – Søllerød Kro in Copenhagen, Denmark

Total views on Facebook & YouTube: 55.000

My Most Viewed Instagram Posts in 2017

No. 1 – In Situ in San Francisco, USA

Total views on Instagram: 135.000 (plus an additional 10 million views on pirated versions)

No. 2 – Big Pink & Restaurant Rot on Gotland, Sweden

Total views on Instagram: 110.000 (plus an additional 15 million views on pirated versions)

No. 3 – Mr. Cake in Stockholm, Sweden

Total views on Instagram: 45.000

No. 4 – Street Food Vendor in Taiwan

Total views on Instagram: 35.000

No. 5 – Restaurant 108 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Total views on Instagram: 32.000

My Most Read Articles in 2017

No. 1 – Restaurant Rumors in Oslo

Total views: 129.000

Restaurant Rumors in Oslo

No. 2 – Foodie Map of Oslo

Total views: 73.000

Foodie Map of Oslo

No. 3 – This is the Best Burger in Oslo

Total views: 38.000

This is the Best Burger in Oslo

No. 4 – Which Restaurants Get Stars in the Michelin Guide Nordic Countries 2017?

Total views: 37.000

Which Restaurants Get Stars in the Michelin Guide Nordic Countries 2017?

No. 5 – Lilla Napoli

Total views: 35.000

Lilla Napoli

Which of my foodie stories did you enjoy the most in 2017? And where do you want me to travel in 2018? Please leave a comment below.

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