Daniel Berlin 2.0

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One of Sweden’s most famous restaurants, the two-Michelin-starred Daniel Berlin, closed in September 2020 due to family reasons. Now, a couple years later, chef Daniel Berlin is ready for his next chapter. He plans to open a new restaurant in Österlen in Skäne, Sweden (the same region as his previous restaurant) – but this time the restaurant will be closer to the sea, just 100 meters from the water. Daniel Berlin will open on the east side of Österlen, between Skillinge and Brantevik. He hopes to open in the fall of 2023; in addition to the restaurant, they will open an adjacent hotel a few months before, hopefully in July 2023. The hotel will have fifteen rooms and three suites, as well as more casual restaurant and wine bar. There will also be breakfast at the hotel – and picnic baskets if you want to eat it out in nature. Meanwhile, the flagship fine dining restaurant has high ambitions – will they finally get the coveted third Michelin star in their new location?

Daniel Berlin 2.0

Opening: September 1, 2023

Category: Hotel, Restaurant

Source: Di TV

Skåne, Sweden

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