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In the venerable building on the corner of Gammel Mønt and Møntergade, restaurateurs Simon Olesen, Rasmus Amdi Larsen, and Karina Pedersen has opened restaurant Mønten. Expect classic Danish smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches) for lunch and French bistro-style food in the evening. The building is referred to as “Det Røde Hus” (the red house) and was historically the location of Restaurant Gammel Mønt by Claus “Røde” Christensen. For a few months, restaurant Møntergade was located in this building, but that was later moved across the street to its new home at Møntergade 19.


Opening: October 12, 2020

Category: Restaurant

Address & Contact Information

Gammel Mønt 41, Copenhagen, Denmark

Anders Husa

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