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Located at Sjællands Odde in Zealand, Tír Bakery is a bakery from the former Noma pastry chef Louise Bannon. In a 115-year-old farmhouse, she is working with biodiverse old grains grown in biodynamic regenerative eco-systems and in-house milling (stonegrinding), and makes sourdough and laminated pastries (croissants, escargots, etc.). The bakery used to operate as a pop-up at Birkemosegård for some time, then later in Havnebyen, and is now present in a temporary container outside its new location while the farmhouse is being renovated.

From the Kickstarter campaign:

“The meaning of Tír comes from Louise’s home country, Ireland, and translates to ‘land and region’. The ethos in all of Louise’s baking is that the grain and ingredients will always be sourced from the best fields. Tír Bread is made with a slow sourdough fermentation with old varieties of grains, mostly Ølands and Rye, grown on partnering farms. The flour is always freshly milled to maximize both nutritional content as well as aroma and flavor. With much consideration given to the grain varieties used, as well as how we process the grain, this bread is far more easily digestible than modern industrialized bread so readily available today.

Louise is a Noma alumni and has been staging in many of the world’s leading bakeries, such as San Francisco Baking Institute, Tartine, and many more. In recent years Louise has developed her passion for bread and her interest in older varieties of grain, and working with freshly milled flours. For the last two years, Louise has sold her baked goods from a notable Christiania Bike at Havnebyen – and now she and her team are committed to moving TIR Bakery into a recently purchased, to-be renovated 115-year-old farmhouse at Gnibenvej, Sjællands Odde.”

Tír Bakery

Opening: July 25, 2022

Category: Bakery

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Gnibenvej 13, Sjællands Odde, Denmark

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