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Are you feeling hungry? Good news – you’re in the right place. Welcome to The Hungries, our new food community on Patreon. If you haven’t heard of Patreon before, it’s a place for people like you to support creators like us. We started blogging ten years ago, with the goal of guiding you to only the best restaurants. Maybe you’ve used our city guides and restaurant reviews when planning a trip, maybe you love watching our YouTube videos, or maybe you enjoy coming along on our food adventures on Instagram. If you’ve been following us for a while, none of this is going to change! All of our content will still be free on our website, YouTube, and Instagram. But this year we’re taking our platform to the next level. Introducing, The Hungries! Click here to join.

The Supporters

If you just want to support what we do with a few euros a month – thank you! Your contribution will go towards website costs, photo and video equipment, editing software, travel expenses, as well as paying for our independent reviews of restaurants. This allows us to create content and recommend more restaurants to you. We really can’t do what we do without your help.

Join The Hungries

If you take the next step and become a member of our food community, it comes with some exciting perks. We’ve created an online forum where we can discuss the best restaurants together, and where you can find foodie friends to share a meal with. The Hungries get FIRST access to all of the food news! You’ll be the first to hear about restaurant rumors and industry gossip – we’ll share it with you before publishing anywhere else. We’ll give you instant feedback and our first impressions when we try a new restaurant, so you’ll know if you should go ahead and make a reservation before it gets fully booked.

The Hungry VIPs

Our VIP level includes special perks and discounts at some of our favorite restaurants and hotels. This level is especially designed for people who live in Scandinavia (or visit frequently)! Our current restaurant and hotel partners are based in Copenhagen and Oslo, and we hope to add more in other cities soon. We are SO excited about these perks – restaurants are offering discounts, welcome drinks, off-menu dishes, and even gifts to take home (did someone say truffle butter?!). Top hotels are offering special room rates and free spa entrances, and select restaurants are offering early pre-booking of those hard-to-snag reservations.

When the world is back to normal, we also hope to organize meet-ups at restaurants and host private events with top chefs. VIPs will get first dibs on tickets to these events! In the meantime, we’ll keep the party online! VIPs also get access to several exclusive chat rooms on our forum, as well as access to virtual events, cooking classes, and wine tastings on Zoom. So far, our virtual event series has included a wine tasting with Gut Oggau and a burger class with Gasoline Grill.

The Insatiables

Hungry for more? Would you say you’re insatiable?! Maybe you want us to be your travel concierge and plan your next trip for you? Or maybe you want to come to a party at our home and try Anders’ famous tacos? There’s a membership for that! Destination Diners get all that, plus discounts on our food tours.

This is just the beginning – we’re looking forward to getting to know you better and building something really special together. Let’s support restaurants, make food friends, share recipes, share meals, and celebrate the industry we love! We can’t wait to create the ultimate food community with you.

Become a Patron!

True or False

There’s a lot of commonly asked questions and misconceptions about how we work. We answered some of them in a blog post earlier this year, but we’re here once again to set a few facts straight:

FALSE: Restaurants pay us to visit and post about them.

TRUE: On the contrary! We spend literally all of our money eating out, and we do not work with restaurants. Patreon makes it possible for us to continue to give you independent reviews.

FALSE: We have other people who work for us – editing our videos, writing for us, etc.

TRUE: It’s just the two of us! We do all the research, trip planning, restaurant testing, photo-taking, video-shooting, editing, writing, Instagram posting – you name it! We’ve personally tried every single restaurant that we post about, and we’ve created all the content ourselves.

FALSE: It’s easy to make a living off of food blogging.

TRUE: We love what we do, but we do it out of pure passion for food – not for money. Our goal is not to get rich, it’s to find the best food and travel experiences in the world, and share them with you. Patreon helps us cover our costs, so we can focus on creating.

TRUE: This is a dream job, but it comes with a lot of hard work. The most satisfying thing we can receive in return is when you guys message us happily, thanking us for a restaurant recommendation. This is why we do what we do! Now, with Patreon, you can also thank us in a different way. By chipping in whatever you can, you help us continue to guide you to the best food experiences.

Any questions or feedback about Patreon? Leave a comment below.

Kaitlin Orr

Kaitlin Orr and Anders Husa are food & travel bloggers and creative content creators. From their base in Copenhagen, they operate the largest and most influential restaurant-focused travel blog in Scandinavia.


  • I am interested in The Hungry VIPs, but not sure on subscribing yet since it seems to only be in Copenhagen and Oslo for now.
    Due to Covid-19 it is more difficult to travel, I am a Norwegian living in Stockholm Sweden. So I am wondering when Stockholm will be added? Or if I choose another yearly subscription, is it possible to uppgrade/change yearly subscription later on?

    • Hi Veronica. Thanks for your interest in our Patreon! Yes, we hope to add perks in Stockholm for VIP members in the future, but since we only had 5% of our survey responses from Stockholm, we wanted to hold off and see how many were interested first. If you sign up for the €10 The Hungries membership now, you can upgrade to VIP at any time later on!

  • Hei , er denne tjeneste momsbelagt for oss som bor i Norge ? Kommer opp en samlesum uten moms først, men under er Det lagt til 25 % moms . Vil det være i valuta Euro , også fra oss i Norge ?

    • Hei, Stig. Det stemmer, Patreon betaler skatt til det landet hver enkelt medlem tilhører. Prisen oppgis i Euro og omregnes for hvert enkelt land basert på gjeldene valutakurser hver måned, så det vil kunne svinge med noen kroner.

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