Viktors Kaffe Gothenburg's Best Coffee Shop

Are you down to fika? Viktors Kaffe is the place to have a fika (coffee + something to eat) in Gothenburg! If you’re looking for specialty coffee, Viktors Kaffe has the best coffee in town! From the brunch menu, we loved the open-faced sandwich with lox, cream cheese, horseradish, pickled, dill & capers, as well as the poached egg and avocado sandwich on brioche, with sriracha sauce. Juicy, creamy, buttery, and not too spicy.

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Brioche with poached egg, avocado, and sriracha.
Brioche with poached egg, avocado, and sriracha.
Lox and cream cheese "macka."
Lox and cream cheese “macka.”

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