Trattoria La Strega Old School Italian Food and Natural Wine

Even though Trattoria La Strega is an old school, authentic Italian trattoria, the restaurant owner, Andrea Consonni, is obsessed with natural wines. On our last visit, he had a couple of favorites on the list: Lammidia’s “Panda” and “Emma” from Marco Buratti, both delicious, juicy, tart, funky and fun orange wines. On the food side, don’t miss the signature pasta dish with pappardelle and king crab.

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2015 Farnea "Emma"
2015 Farnea “Emma”

Address & Contact Information
Aschebergsgatan 23B, Gothenburg, Sweden
Lammidia Bianchetto.
Lammidia Bianchetto.
Pappardelle with king crab.
Pappardelle with king crab.
Panko-fried mushrooms.
Panko-fried mushrooms.
"Pasta e fagioli" – Rigatoni pasta, pork belly, red beans, and dried fava beans.
“Pasta e fagioli” – Rigatoni pasta, pork belly, red beans, and dried fava beans.
Lammidia Panda – never say no to Panda.
Lammidia Panda – never say no to Panda.

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  • I went there last fall after your recommendation! Unfortunately the service was horrible, we felt like we were the least interesting people for the waitress/owner, they would rather talk among themselves than to let us order/help with wine pairing. They also had a small wine selection on glass, you had to order an entire bottle of you wanted anything interesting. The food was ok but nothing special. After all we were not impressed by either the food, wine or service, but maybe we had too high expectations after seeing your instastory and that’s on us!
    We went to Bar la Lune after the dinner, and that blew us away! What an amazing place, with even better wine! Thank you for the recommendation, we would never have found it unless you had posted about it!:)

    • Shame about your experience at La Strega. It doesn’t sound like the Andrea I have experienced. Maybe the had a bad night?

      Glad to hear that Bar La Lune saved your night!

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