Fatty’s Copenhagen's Best Kept Burger Secret

Copenhagen’s best kept burger secret is Fatty’s, the charming takeout window of The Fat Pike, located right next to Il Buco in Islands Brygge. It’s a real hidden gem (literally a hole in the wall) that doesn’t even have an Instagram account (gasp!). This burger was another lockdown baby, born when its fish-focused big brother, The Fat Pike, had to shift to a take-away concept. Fish doesn’t travel well, so they started slinging burgers! This is one of the few places we’ve discovered simply by stumbling upon it (as opposed to discovering it via social media or by someone’s recommendation) – and what a rare treat that was. The feeling of discovery is a beautiful thing, especially when it takes you by surprise.

We tried Fatty’s on a whim in the summer of 2020 (back before the window even existed), not expecting much and just needing a quick bite on-the-go. You had us at “burger pop-up!” We didn’t even have our camera with us, didn’t take a picture, just sunk our teeth in – and instantly knew we’d have to return and document this spot. The beef is ground in-house every day, grilled, and topped with cheddar cheese and house-made pickles. Although Fatty’s sauce is secret, the owner revealed to us that the main ingredients are mayo, ketchup, mustard, lemon, and sriracha (which gives it a nice little kick). It’s served on a buttery brioche bun that is toasted golden brown in clarified butter. The best part? They’ve got the most competitive price in town. Fatty’s standard price is 75 Danish kroner, but if you come during lunch it’s only 60 kroner!

Fatty’s won second place on our ranked Copenhagen Burger Guide in 2021.

Fatty's is Copenhagen's best kept burger secret.
Fatty’s is Copenhagen’s best kept burger secret.

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Address & Contact Information
Njalsgade 19D, Copenhagen, Denmark
The charming takeout window of The Fat Pike.
The charming takeout window of The Fat Pike.
We learned to love Fatty's when takeout was all you could eat from restaurants.
We learned to love Fatty’s when takeout was all you could eat from restaurants.
Fatty's cheeseburger.
Fatty’s cheeseburger.
It's a beauty!
It’s a beauty!
Pink core! Just the way we like it.
Pink core! Just the way we like it.

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