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In the Østerbro neighborhood, on Rosenvængets Allé, you find Østerberg Ice Cream – a small artisanal ice cream vendor in Copenhagen. Everything from the cone to the cream is homemade, created with top-quality ingredients and a whole lot of passion. Founder Cathrine Østerberg’s dad owns an exotic fruit import company, which means you can enjoy exciting flavors like dragonfruit, tamarind, and jackfruit. Of course, they also serve classics like vanilla, chocolate, and hazelnut. Østerberg has a food science background, which makes her an expert both at creating that silky smooth texture as well as infusing the maximum amount of flavor into the ice cream. Østerberg Ice Cream is included in our guide to the best ice cream in Copenhagen.

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Pink dragon fruit & tamarind
Pink dragon fruit & tamarind.

Address & Contact Information
Rosenvængets Allé 7C, Copenhagen, Denmark
Østerberg Ice Cream on Rosenvængets Allé
Østerberg Ice Cream on Rosenvængets Allé.

Taste the World

For obvious reasons, the store is closed during the ice-cold winters up here in the North. However, when the first rays of sunlight start heating the streets of the Danish capital, you can be sure that Østerberg and her team are back at it, whisking sugar, cream, and eggs into milky scoops once again. Flavors range from unique Danish ingredients to fruits from around the world (the slogan is Taste the World), but there are never more than twelve different flavors on any given day. There are no toppings available to distract from your experience of pure ice cream deliciousness! My favorite flavor is seabuckthorn whenever that is available (not often, in my experience), but I’m also a sucker for classics like hazelnut and vanilla.

Since 2016, Cathrine even has an ice cream shop in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam – how cool is that? If that caught your attention, I recommend reading this great interview with Cathrine about her Vietnamese business. If you’re more interested in the Copenhagen ice cream scene, then there’s good news as well, because Østerberg Ice Cream is opening up another store at Vesterbro!

The daily selection of flavors
The daily selection of flavors
Enjoy! Ice cream is always served with a smile at Østerberg Ice Cream.
Enjoy! Ice cream is always served with a smile at Østerberg Ice Cream.

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