Alouette 2.0

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The Michelin-starred restaurant Alouette is moving venues! The fledgling bird is leaving its Amager nest this winter, when it will spread its wings and create a new home in a historic building in the city center. The last day of service at their space in Islands Brygge will be on December 16, 2023, and in early 2024 they will reopen in new premises. The new multi-story space will be created by architect and designer David Thulstrup, who won awards for his design of Noma 2.0. Just like in the first venue, the new Alouette will still be somewhat hidden, tucked away in a backyard in the heart of Copenhagen. It will have custom furniture, a lounge where guests can start or end their evening with house-made cocktails, a more spacious private dining room, a wine cellar, and a small garden. Alouette will still be owned by chef Nick Curtin and Camilla Hansen, and the entire team will be accompanying them on their next chapter. (And yes, there will still be two exclusive chef’s counter seats, only available for bookings by members of The Hungries. Join the club to grab the hottest seats in town.)

Alouette 2.0

Opening: February 1, 2024

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Copenhagen, Denmark

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