Video: Noma 2.0 All Three Seasons Captured on Camera

On December 6th, I will pay my eight and final visit (this year) to one of the best restaurants in the world. Truly, 2019 has been the year of the Noma for me! Three visits during the seafood season, three for the vegetable season, and, soon, twice for the game and forest season. René Redzepi sure did a genius move when he decided to divide the year into three distinct seasons. It makes nutty foodies like myself get major fear of missing out (I realize that’s no excuse for the multiple visits within a season). Each visit has been documented through photos and videos. All meals have been thoroughly reviewed. My favorite seasons are as follows: 1) Game & Forest, 2) Vegetable, and 3) Seafood. Below, you can watch my videos and read my reviews, and decide which season you want to book next year!

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René Redzepi in front of the entrance to Noma.
René Redzepi in front of the entrance to Noma.

Noma 2.0 – Seafood Season

Nordic seafood is, perhaps, the best in the world. Our cold waters give the fish, shellfish, and other marine mollusks an incredible taste and texture! Thus, Noma’s seafood season was dominated by dishes that allowed the main ingredient to shine and where the flavors of the various sea creatures were just lifted slightly through different techniques.

Top dish: squid in roasted kelp and butter sauce. Least favorite: jellyfish.

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Noma 2.0 – Vegetable Season

Noma’s vegetable menu was mind-blowing and game-changing. An entire tasting menu made up of only plants and greens, that didn’t for a second make you miss meat or seafood. Playing on all taste buds, with salty, sweet, acidic, bitter, and savory flavors.

Top dish: caramelized milk skin with truffles. Least favorite: seasonal pickles.

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Noma 2.0 – Game & Forest Season

The game and forest season was, in my opinion, the best, and, certainly, the most provocative of the three menus. Noma threw a party for the reindeer and duck, with a focus on using all parts of the animal. The feast included a lot of offals and untraditional animal parts, like duck and reindeer brain, duck wing, and reindeer tongue.

Top dish: duck brain. Least favorite: cured duck breast.

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Katherine Bont greeting guests upon arrival
Katherine Bont greeting guests upon arrival

Feel free to share your favorite and least favorite dishes below!


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