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In 2017, Matmagasinet moved to Hermetikkindustriens Laboratorium (from the original location at Hermetikken in Badehusgata 33). Mette Kristine Haugvaldstad was the first head chef at this café and neighborhood restaurant in Ledaalparken in Gamle Stavanger (the old town). In 2020, sommelier (and former restaurant manager at Tango) Knut-Espen Misje joined the team as head of wine, together with his partner Silje Hanasand who is the restaurant manager. The two are also co-owners. In 2021, Jan-Erik Hauge (former head chef of Nemesis) took over as head chef.


Opening: May 9, 2017

Category: Cafe, Restaurant

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Niels Juelsgate 50, Stavanger, Norway

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