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Located in Gamlebyen in Oslo, next to Fuglen Coffee Roasters, ZZ is a pizza restaurant from pizzaiolo and head chef Aleksander Johansen (formerly of Jungel Pizza) and Fredrik Husa (restaurant manager) & the guys behind Brutus (Jens Føien, Hans Petter Hval, Mathias Lyngholm Dardeau, and Arnar Jakob Gudmundsson). The production of Mold (cider) will also take place in this venue. Natural ciders and wines will dominate the beverage menu.

Click here to read our full interview with Aleksander Johansen and Fredrik Husa where we broke the news about ZZ Pizza.


ZZ Pizza

Opening: June 1, 2021

Category: Restaurant

Address & Contact Information

St. Halvards gate 33, Oslo, Norway

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