Two Michelin Stars to Kong Hans Kælder We Surprised Mark Lundgaard!

Watch us surprise chef Mark Lundgaard of restaurant Kong Hans Kælder with his second Michelin star. Kong Hans Kælder is the oldest Michelin-starred restaurant in Denmark and has been around since the 70s. They got their first star in the 80s, lost it when the previous head chef stepped down in 2014, and regained it with chef Mark Lundgaard as head chef in 2016. Now, for the first time, this historic French fine dining restaurant has received its second star! We conducted a fake interview with chef Lundgaard asking about his Michelin expectations for the 2021 Nordic Guide release. During our interview, we told him his restaurant would be receiving two stars at this year’s ceremony. Watch the video below to see his reaction. This was produced for Matkanalen for the Michelin Guide Nordic awards show.

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Anders Husa

Anders Husa and Kaitlin Orr are food & travel bloggers and creative content creators. From their base in Copenhagen, they operate the largest and most influential restaurant-focused travel blog in Scandinavia.


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