10 Scandinavian Food Bloggers You Should Follow The Best Restaurant-Focused Accounts to Check Out

Who are the most dedicated, passionate, and influential food bloggers that write about restaurants in Scandinavia? Three years ago, we asked this question to a select group of foodies, chefs, and restaurateurs in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. At the time, there were very few names that came up, but over the last few years lots of passionate foodies have emerged in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, and beyond, sharing their recommendations on Instagram, YouTube, and on their blogs. So, we thought it was time for an update to this guide – here are the best food and restaurant bloggers to follow in Scandinavia.

While there are many wonderful home cooks and bloggers creating recipes out there, we decided to focus this list on restaurant bloggers only. Therefore, the most obvious criteria for making it to this list is that the blogger has to live in Scandinavia and post primarily and frequently from Scandinavian restaurants. We also differentiated between individual bloggers and websites that have become more like big media houses – we want to support the small, independent creators. These are people who take all their own photos, not just repost accounts that steal content from others. We believe we have managed to put together a good selection of some of the most prominent food writers, photographers, and videographers out there, with representation in most major cities of Scandinavia, as well as bloggers who live outside the capitals. While not everyone writes in English on their blogs, most have international Instagram accounts – so follow them for the best food recommendations in their respective cities! The list is unrated, by the way; all placements below are random.

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1. Rebecca Brage from Stockholm, Sweden

Rebecca Brage has the largest Instagram food account in Sweden, and she just launched her new website Stockholm Food late last year. (On her blog, she interviewed us about our favorite spots in Stockholm – check it out here!) Her Instagram feed has a glorious mix of all the food we crave – from healthy salads to Swedish classics to mouthwatering pastries. Follow @stockholmfood to see what’s happening in the Stockholm dining scene.


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2. Pierre Orsander from Malmö, Sweden

Pierre Orsander is the hungriest man in Malmö! On his account @skitgott (sh*t good!) and on his blog, he covers all of the best restaurants in his hometown, from falafel to fine dining. Pierre writes strictly in Swedish, but the language of his drool-worthy food photos is universal. This ambitious diner has eaten at over 300 restaurants in Malmö, and rumor has it he once ate at 40 restaurants in one day.

3. Rasmus Palsgård from Copenhagen, Denmark

For a fine dining-focused blog, head over to the world of Feinschmeckeren. Rasmus Palsgård can often be spotted at the fanciest restaurants in Denmark and beyond, sporting his signature bow tie, a glass of Champagne in hand, while indulging in caviar and truffles. Indeed, Rasmus knows how to live the life of a true gourmet. If you understand Danish, the articles on his website are a joy to read. If not, follow him on Instagram (where he posts in English) for the most luxurious food and wine in Copenhagen (and occasionally around the world).


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4. Nicole & Gustaf from Stockholm, Sweden

This foodie couple has a background in filmmaking, but only decided to combine that with their passion for food a year ago. On their YouTube channel, Nicole and Gustaf produce elegant videos with Chef’s Table-style plating and chef interviews, and on their Instagram account (@badassfoodstories) they post pictures from some of Stockholm’s best restaurants.


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5. Julie B. Christensen from Stavanger, Norway

Julie B. Christensen is a passionate new foodie from Stavanger who started an Instagram account this year. We met Julie this summer in Copenhagen – she was actually the first person to come on one of our food tours! She recently started a blog, but her Instagram account (@julie.b.christensen) is where she is most active. Follow her for up-to-date recommendations on the food scene in Stavanger and Sandnes.

6. Tove Henckel from Malmö, Sweden

Tove Henckel is the former Editor in Chief (now Senior Adviser and contributor) at the Swedish food magazine Gourmet. She also hosts one of our favorite Scandinavian food-related podcasts, Gastro Radio, interviewing top chefs and industry leaders in Sweden. While her podcast is in Swedish, Tove posts on her Instagram account (@tovehenckel) in English.


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7. Camilla Hellum from Oslo, Norway

Camilla Hellum runs Urbania Magasin, a website that shares Oslo food and drink tips as well as lifestyle posts and travel guides. Camilla’s interests extend beyond food as she posts everything from charming boutiques to bouquets of flowers to nail polish – but her spot-on food and wine recommendations are why we love to follow her. (Do note, both her website and Instagram are written in Norwegian.)


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8. Anna Norström from Stockholm, Sweden

Anna Norström is a Swedish journalist based in Stockholm. This summer, she launched her new podcast Foody Safari, which featured Anders talking about the Noma Burger in the first episode. The podcast is in Swedish, but Anna posts on her Instagram account (@annaonthemove) in English. Follow her for great Stockholm tips!


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9. Martin Villumsen from Odense, Denmark

Self-proclaimed butter enthusiast Martin Villumsen is one of the Danish judges for the 360° Eat Guide and a passionate food writer. His website is a mix of recipes and restaurant reviews, while his Instagram account (@rigeligtsmordk) also showcases the best restaurants in Odense. Along with @gastromanddk and @madsvin_com, Martin helped start Spis Ude Hjemme (Eat Out at Home), a website to support restaurants and help guide Danes to the best take-away options during lockdown.


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10. Oliver Jansson from Stockholm, Sweden

Another fantastic food blogger to follow in Stockholm is Oliver Jansson a.k.a. @sthlmfoodie. Oliver doesn’t have a website, but his tempting food pictures and descriptive captions on Instagram are a great source of information about where to eat in Stockholm.


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Who are your favorite Scandinavian food bloggers? Let us know in a comment below!

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