Gorda Argentinian Street Food in Copenhagen

If you’re starting to crave Latin flavors after days of feasting on smørrebrød and New Nordic cuisine, head to Gorda. This cozy Vesterbro shop sells all different kinds of homemade Argentinian empanadas. They’re small, street-food sized, so you can try a few flavors (we recommend three per person) – our personal favorites are the braised beef, the caramelized onion and cheese, and the caprese (which tastes like pizza!). Each empanada flavor is folded with a different design, so you can tell them apart. Be sure to order some of the chimichurri sauce on the side! And definitely save room for the dulce de leche flan. A full Latin American tasting menu is also available, with dishes like tuna tostada, ceviche, tiradito, and chicken skewers.

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Snack-sized empanadas, made by hand in Vesterbro.
Snack-sized empanadas, made by hand in Vesterbro.

Address & Contact Information
Enghavevej 5, Copenhagen, Denmark
Each flavor of empanada has its own signature shape.
Each flavor of empanada has its own signature shape.

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