Darcy’s Kaffe (Frederiksberg)

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A favorite coffee shop in Copenhagen, Darcy’s Kaffe, has opened a second outpost in Frederiksberg. Now, in addition to their corner café on Rantzausgade, you can also find great coffee on Vesterbrogade 169, near Carlsberg Byen.They serve a rotating selection of coffee from April, Koppi, La Cabra, Coffee Collective, and more, as well as croissants from Alice. They also bake some pastries in-house, as well as tasty seasonal toasts with ingredients like miso-roasted mushrooms, gooseberry chutney, cheesy béchamel, and charred kale.

Darcy’s Kaffe (Frederiksberg)

Opening: March 26, 2022

Category: Cafe, Coffee Shop

Address & Contact Information

Vesterbrogade 169, Copenhagen, Denmark

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