Donda Deli

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Located on Dybbølsgade 52 in Vesterbro is Donda Deli, an eatery and deli shop from Donda. The restaurant is a slightly more casual little sister to their popular Christianshavn restaurant, open for lunch and dinner serving small plates and dishes from Donda’s take-away menu such as a filet o’fish sandwich and chicken wings. The deli shop sells a variety of Mexican goods and ingredients to take home, including Donda’s signature flour tortillas, dried chiles, salsas, meat, cheese and fish. There is also a walk-in wine fridge where customers can buy bottles to take home.

Donda Deli

Opening: August 18, 2022

Category: Grocery Store, Restaurant, Wine Shop

Address & Contact Information

Dybbølsgade 52, Copenhagen, Denmark

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