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Located in Carlsberg Byen on the corner of J.C. Jacobsen’s Have is Lĭquo, a wine bar from the team behind Surt – Giuseppe Oliva (pizzaiolo and owner of Surt), Andrea Cerruti (head chef at Surt), and Ugo Braggio (former sommelier at Rudo and Bæst). The name Lĭquo comes from the Latin word for “liquify.” The bar specializes in wine from all over Italy, and also serves vermouth, negronis, and other drinks. To eat, there is charcuterie, cheese, snacks, and small dishes, as well as a shop with Italian goods like olive oil and tomato passata that you can purchase to bring home.


Opening: January 29, 2023

Category: Bar

Address & Contact Information

Fadet 35, Copenhagen, Denmark


Kaitlin Orr

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