Restaurant Palægade 2.0

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Located in the city center of Copenhagen, on Palægade, is Restaurant Palægade 2.0. The “smørrebrød” restaurant that tragically burned down on March 11th, 2020, reopens in the same style, as if nothing ever happened. Classic Danish open-faced sandwiches for lunch and a more French-leaning menu in the evening, with oysters, turbot, and pepper steak among the dishes. The Formel B group is still the owner of the restaurant, but the front and back of house team is brand new (the old team went on to open Mønten and Møntergade). Luckas Jensen (former sous chef at Formel B) is the head chef, Gustav Vilholm (formely of Tyven & Kokken) leads the front of house, and Johan Henrik Kirketerp-Møller is the restaurant manager and sommelier. Thomas Bastholm (formerly of Søllerød Kro and La Glace) is the head pastry chef and rumor has it that he has got a custom-made dessert trolley. On one of the walls is a huge digital art piece by artist, and regular at the restaurant, Kasper Eistrup.

Restaurant Palægade 2.0

Opening: May 1, 2021

Category: Restaurant

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Palægade 8, Copenhagen, Denmark

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