Speilsalen Michelin Star Ambitions at Hotel Britannia

Reviewed for 360 Eat Guide

Speilsalen is one of seven food and beverage concepts in the newly renovated Hotel Britannia (built in 1870) – a project that took three years to finish and cost more than a billion NOK. The flagship restaurant is located in the heart of the hotel and the name translates to The Hall of Mirrors. Bocuse d’Or silver medalist Christopher Davidsen is the head chef, and award-winning sommelier Henrik Dahl Jahnsen leads the wine program, so the bar is set high. The historic dining room is spectacular, and its redesign reeks of Michelin star ambitions.

There are two glasshouse-like private dining rooms near the entrance – gorgeous domes that provide a completely private dining experience thanks to the drapes that surround the tables within. Following the main dining room is a 10-seat bar counter which functions as a chef’s table. If you book the counter, the menu is served banquet style – Chef Davidsen plates and presents each dish for everyone simultaneously. His dishes have a distinct Bocuse d’Or feel to them, with stunningly beautiful presentations and thoughtfully selected plates and silverware. Ingredients are top quality, and mostly local, but some luxurious elements are imported. Flavors sometime suffer from too many competing elements and a lack of balance, and the team isn’t always in sync, but we are excited to follow the progression of Davidsen and his team. This meal was reviewed for the 360 Eat Guide in 2019.

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This meal was reviewed for the 360 Eat Guide.

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