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Bornholm is a small Danish island with a big appetite. Despite having less than 40,000 residents, the island is bursting with quality restaurants, world-class ceramicists, charming hotels by the sea, and incredible producers of everything from kombucha to chocolate to custom-made furniture. Best of all? The island is just a quick twenty minute flight from Copenhagen, making it a perfect weekend getaway. In this foodie map, we have gathered all our Bornholm favorites. You’ll find everything from the world-famous restaurant Kadeau, to more casual coffee shops, natural wine bars, and even a traditional fish smokery. Navigate the map easily either by scrolling through the list on the right or by clicking the points on the map. Places are listed in a geographical order.

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Baunevej 18, Aakirkeby, Bornholm

The crown jewel of Bornholm’s dining scene is restaurant Kadeau. Chef Nicolai Nørregaard and his childhood friends Rasmus and Magnus Kofoed transformed a humble beachside cottage into a Michelin-starred eatery which showcases ingredients native to the island of Bornholm. Kadeau was one of the first restaurants to embrace the New Nordic manifesto, and took it even further by focusing on the natural products of their small island – many of the vegetables and herbs come from Kadeau’s own garden. Our favorite dish on the new tasting menu is the signature cold and hot smoked salmon with a sauce of havgus cheese and buttermilk, with a pesto of rosehips and wood ants, and pickled elderflower on top.


Store Torvegade 29, Rønne, Bornholm

Despite being the largest city on Bornholm, Rønne previously didn’t have much to offer in terms of food. That is, until the hot new natural wine bar and restaurant Râzapâz opened in early 2020. The word “râzapâz” is a Bornholmian word that means rascal or wild child. With this spirit in mind, proprietor Patrick Hult wanted to create a fun eatery without any rules. Go à la carte, or opt for the affordable five-course menu. The dishes change constantly depending on what’s in season, and the goal is to eventually become a zero-waste restaurant. Favorite dishes on our menu included smashed new potatoes with a foam made from leftover asparagus foam and pork fat, and a creamy dish of hake, fish stock and pork sauce, and pickled asparagus.


Segenvej 48, Aakirkeby, Bornholm

In the very center of the island, you’ll find a cozy yellow cottage in the middle of the forest. This is restaurant Christianshøjkroen, where chef Troels Fjederholt Madsen Stobberup and pastry chef Daniel Kruse have joined forces to serve a traditional lunch of Danish smørrebrød. Our favorite sandwiches were the shrimp, egg, and white asparagus on rye, as well as the smoked potatoes, mayonnaise, and chicken skin on rye. Wash it all down with a glass of woodruff snaps!

Det Brune Værksted

Brogade 7A, Nexø, Bornholm

A popular ceramicist among Bornholm restaurants is the brand Oh Oak. You can find Sarah Oakman's ceramics at Det Brune Værksted, alongside glassware from Zelmer Olsen, who happens to make quite a few glasses and dishes for restaurant Geranium in Copenhagen.

Nexø Gammel Røgeri

Stenbrudsvej 22, Nexø, Bornholm

Fish smokeries have played an essential role in the culinary makeup of Bornholm. The island was once studded with hundreds of smokeries (just look for the signature double chimney to spot one!), which acted as one of the primary food sources for the island. Today, there are ten historic smokeries still in operation on the island, where you can buy smoked fish to take home, as well as order dishes to eat in the restaurant. We recommend visiting the old smokery in Nexø – try the hot smoked salmon with rye bread, or the Bornholm signature dish “Sol Over Gudhjem” (smoked herring with an egg yolk "sun").


Ibskervej 34, Nexø, Bornholm

The tart and citrusy flavor of sea buckthorn has become a defining element of the Scandinavian kitchen. Our favorite producer of these sour orange berries is Høstet (Harvest), a small organic plantation located on the eastern coast of Bornholm. We’re not the only ones who think their berries are the best – top restaurants such as Noma and Alchemist use the sea buckthorn from Høstet in their tasting menus. Visit the farm shop to learn about this unique Nordic berry, and to try the signature havtorn slushie, refreshing cocktails, and to take home marmalade, juice, beer, gin, rum, and other products flavored with sea buckthorn.


Svaneke Torv 9, Svaneke, Bornholm

Without a doubt, Vinøst is the place to eat in Svaneke! The restaurant has a fun playlist, a beautiful interior design, and the biggest natural wine store in Bornholm (yes, you can buy bottles of wine to take home!). Classic French bistro-style dishes are revitalized with sustainable, local produce from all over Bornholm. Some of our favorites included house-made sourdough bread made with organic Bornholm wheat, organic green asparagus from a local farm, and beef that was born and raised ecologically on Bornholm. In the glass, we sipped Lockvogel, our favorite wine from Michael Wenzel, and house-made kombucha.

Lakrids by Bülow

Glastorvet 1, Svaneke, Bornholm

You’re probably familiar with the world-famous chocolate-coated licorice candy balls, but did you know Bornholm is where Johan Bülow started his licorice empire? Stop by his original storefront to try the licorice soft serve. You can choose to drizzle it with sweet or salty licorice syrup, and also get a dusting of licorice powder on top. The soft serve is not your typical licorice flavor – it’s creamy and very nicely balanced, with a tongue numbing, addictive quality.

Svaneke Brød

Storegade 2, Svaneke, Bornholm

This bakery inside a flower store is probably where you’ll find Bornholm’s best pastries; although, if we’re being honest, the bar is not set very high. The layers are thick and bready instead of light and flaky (we are spoiled in Copenhagen!), but we did enjoy the warm pastry filled with sea buckthorn from Høstet. While we were disappointed by the pastries, we were impressed, however, by Svaneke Brød’s sourdough, which we found on the menu at restaurant Râzapâz. The dough is spongey and flavorful, and has a nice crispy crust. Espresso-based coffee drinks are also available in the shop, but do note that they only accept mobile pay or cash.

Bornholms Ismejeri

Postgade 3, Svaneke, Bornholm

The artist formerly known as Svaneke Is has rebranded into Bornholms Ismejeri, which now has two scoops shops in the small town of Svaneke. The ice cream flavors are simple – we enjoyed them in a buttery waffle cone. Perfect for a hot day by the harbor!

Lov i Listed

Hans Thygesensvej 27, Svaneke, Bornholm

Torben Lov is the exclusive ceramicist for the Kadeau restaurants. He and his wife Susanne run Lov i Listed, a small ceramics boutique on the east coast of Bornholm. But don’t think you can just drop by the shop – their ceramics are so sought after that there is currently a three year waiting list for orders. If you’re in Listed on the weekend, however, you just might be able to get your hands on a few plates or mugs. On Saturdays only, the shop opens (with a limited amount of ceramics available for purchase) to customers who line up in the early hours of the morning to snag some of their beautiful plates. Lov i Listed specializes in thick, sturdy dishes with a beachy Bornholm vibe and a signature swirl in the center.


Strandstien 4A, Svaneke, Bornholm

We first discovered the ceramics of Mette Duedahl at April Coffee in Copenhagen. Once we learned she was Bornholm-based, we knew we had to pay her shop a visit. Duedahl’s aesthetic is sleek and smooth, in neutral tones of caramel, navy, light blue, and beach sand. Her collection includes plates, mugs, vases, and adorable butter boxes with lids.

Bay Frost Café

Strandstien 1A, Svaneke, Bornholm

If you enjoy the finer things in life, treat yourself to a meal at the Bay Frost Café. Sip on a glass of champagne while indulging in lobster rolls, caviar, and foie gras. Sit outside in the sun with a view of the Listed harbor. The café is located below Sebastian Frost's jewelry store and is run by his wife Signe Bay.

Melsted Badehotel

Melstedvej 27, Gudhjem, Bornholm

The main building of Melsted Badehotel dates all the way back to 1932, making it one of the oldest hotels on the island. During this time, “Nordic funkis” (functionalism) was a popular architectural style, which you can recognize in the hotel’s signature square shape with a flat roof. The seaside location near a sandy beach makes Melsted one of the best accommodation options if you are seeking a “badehotel” (beach hotel) in the most literal sense. In the restaurant, you can enjoy simple and classic Danish dishes.


Ejnar Mikkelsensvej 28, Gudhjem, Bornholm

Gudhjem is one of the cutest little towns on Bornholm and the harbor area is a must-visit. Right on the dock, you’ll find Provianten – a wine bar and shop specializing in wines from the south of France. All the wines here are natural, although we didn’t recognize any of the producers on the shelves. Get a bottle of wine and some snacks and enjoy your front-row seats to all the action on the harborfront. You’ll see boats leaving and arriving, tourists eating gigantic ice creams at the neighboring shop, and maybe even the harbor choir (Havnekoret) who sings every morning at 10:00 am.


Nørresand 10, Gudhjem, Bornholm

An old smokery has been transformed into a charming café on the water on the outskirts of Gudhjem. Beach chairs and picnic benches in the sun provide a relaxed environment to enjoy espresso-based coffee drinks, ice cream from Kalas Is, wine and beer, and a few simple dishes (think: grilled cheese sandwiches and a housemade rhubarb cake). Pro tip: this is a great place to watch the sunset!

Stammershalle Badehotel

Søndre Strandvej 128, Gudhjem, Bornholm

You’ll feel right at home at this charming bed and breakfast – it feels more like a cottage by the sea than a hotel. Most rooms in the sprawling yellow house have views of the northern coast of the island, overlooking the crashing waves. The decor is classic for a “badehotel” (beach hotel) of this style – timeless and cozy, like a summer beach house. The sprawling breakfast buffet includes hot and cold items, delicious mini pastries, several homemade jams, and fancy cheeses.


Søndre Strandvej 128, Gudhjem, Bornholm

The restaurant at Stammershalle Badehotel is worth visiting whether or not you’re staying at the hotel. This year, there’s a new team in the kitchen at Lassen's and both an à la carte and a five-course menu are available. We especially loved the beef tartare with onions and herb mayo, and the house-made bread with whipped brown butter.


Strandvejen 68, Allinge, Bornholm

Book a room at Nordlandet Hotel in Allinge if you want to be guaranteed a sea view, both from your bedroom and the breakfast table. This newly renovated hotel offers the finest in Scandinavian minimalism and simple luxury. If you need more space, they also have apartments with fully equipped kitchens.

Kalas Is

Strandpromenaden 14, Allinge, Bornholm

Kalas Is, a café and ice cream shop in Sandvig, has a spectacular view of the Baltic Sea. Whether you’re sitting on the bar stools in the window, or relaxing in the bean bags on the terrace outside, you’ll understand why Bornholm is sometimes referred to as Klippeøen (Rock Island). Don’t miss a scoop or two of their house-made ice cream made with local milk, fruits, and berries, which can also be found in other venues around the island, e.g. Norresân.

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