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Trondheim is Norway’s third-largest city with an increasingly interesting culinary scene. That’s thanks to the mix of well-established restaurateurs and young, up-and-coming chefs, who have embraced the New Nordic cuisine and done pioneer work with regards to sustainability. Combine that with strong food traditions and great local produce in the Trøndelag region and you have a food city in rapid growth. In 2019, two Trondheim restaurants were finally awarded the city’s first Michelin stars by the prestigious French guide. Some would argue that these awards were well overdue. Nevertheless, it cemented Trondheim as a new gastronomic center point in Norway. In 2020, Trondheim will host the next launch of the Michelin Guide Nordic Countries.

In this city map, we have gathered all our favorite spots to create the best restaurant guide to Trondheim. You will find coffee shops, bars, high-end restaurants, and casual eateries. We have also included some hotel recommendations. Navigate the map easily either by scrolling through the list on the right or by clicking the points on the map. Places are listed in geographical order.

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Kraft Bodega

Brattørkaia 17 B, Trondheim, Norway

Located at the Brattørkaia harbor, in an otherwise industrial and boring looking building, is a restaurant room dominated by bright blue chairs, brass details, and raw wood. You've just entered Kraft Bodega – the most exciting newcomer on the Trondheim food scene. Chef Thomas Borgan has created a fun and informal dining concept that draws inspiration from several international cuisines. The flavors are bold and punchy in dishes like the scallop tartar with som tam sauce, peanuts, and mango. Borgan will challenge your spice tolerance with chicken skin crackers topped with fresh crab meat, served with a selection of hot sauces ranging from mild to extremely hot. You'll also find more rich and hearty dishes like the steamed cabbage with butter sauce and caviar. You can pick between a smaller and larger tasting menu, or choose your own adventure with the à la carte selection.

Spontan Vinbar

Fjordgata 1, Trondheim, Norway

Our favorite hangout in Trondheim is Spontan Vinbar – a casual restaurant and pretty much the only pure natural wine bar in town. Owned by the team at Røst Teaterbistro, the food at Spontan is also rooted in the New Nordic cuisine, using local and seasonal ingredients, but Chef Fredrik Engen takes it in a slightly different direction. A langoustine lollipop with a tarragon emulsion and langoustine glaze is an example of a playful and superbly balanced dish. You can drop by Spontan for a glass of wine and some snacks, or you can book a table for a full sit-down meal. Some favorite wine producers available here are Anders Frederik Steen, Patrick Sullivan, and La Sorga.

Jacobsen & Svart

Brattørgata 4, Trondheim, Norway

Jacobsen & Svart is the best coffee bar in Trondheim, located in a small space with a modern Scandinavian interior on the Bakklandet side of the river Nidelva. Head barista Tony Jacobsen has roasted coffee since 2012, competed as a barista for years, and opened his own store in 2015. In 2021, they moved locations. You can usually find Tony behind the bar making the drinks himself.

Super Hero Burger

Olav Tryggvasons Gate 1, Trondheim, Norway

In the center of Trondheim city, look for a blue-painted building with a logo that resembles that of Superman. Super Hero Burger is probably the best burger in Trondheim, and certainly your number one option for a late-night snack after drinking natural wine at Spontan. The beef patties are ground in-house and grilled on a Josper for that smoky umami flavor, before they are packed between house-made burger buns, and topped with plenty of melted cheese and sauce. Sloppy and delicious!

Dromedar Kaffebar

Nordre gate 2, Trondheim, Norway

Dromedar Kaffebar is a small chain of coffee shops, with cafés in Bergen and Ålesund as well, but the origin is Trondheim where they currently have four locations. As Trondheim's first coffee bar, they were also among the first to adopt the Scandinavian style of more light-roasted coffee beans, and various techniques of hand-brewing coffee. Enjoy your drink with baked goods or sandwiches.

To Rom & Kjøkken

Carl Johans gate 5, Trondheim, Norway

Since 2005, To Rom Og Kjøkken (meaning Two Rooms and Kitchen) has served as Trondheim's classic European restaurant. Although the cooking is inspired by French and Mediterranean cuisine, most of the ingredients are local and seasonal. Proprietor Roar Hildonen takes great pride in the Trøndelag region. Expect well-known taste combinations and flavors rather than more modern and creative cooking. Sometimes, the dishes are on the safe side and with too many competing flavors, but we enjoyed the perfectly cooked scallops, and the turbot served with a rich, creamy butter sauce. The food is paired with conventional wines and served by friendly and service-minded waiters.

Raus Bar

Nordre gate 21, Trondheim, Norway

Raus Bar is a cocktail bar by the award-winning bartender Jørgen Dons, and it's easily Trondheim's best spot for a mixed drink. Whether you are looking for something classic or more modern, experienced bartenders can guide your choice in the right direction. We enjoyed a deliciously acidic passion fruit drink and a milder, rounder, yet refreshing mix of mandarin and aquavit.


Ørjaveita 4, Trondheim, Norway

Fagn is a Nordic restaurant by Chef Jonas Andre Nåvik – alumni of three-Michelin-starred restaurant Alinea in Chicago. On Credoveita, the old location of Heidi Bjerkan's Credo, he has created a fine-dining restaurant on the first floor, and a more relaxed restaurant and cocktail bar on the second floor. As the first restaurant in Trondheim, Fagn was awarded a Michelin star in 2019.

Bula Neobistro

Prinsens gate 32, Trondheim, Norway

Chef Reneé Fagerhøi grew up on a farm, and as a child she dreamed about all the food she couldn’t have in the Trøndelag region. At her restaurant Bula Neobistro, she takes those memories and turns them into reality, in a menu where fast food meets fine dining. A gas station hot dog is refined with house-made sausage, bread, and toppings. Dishes range from her signature pig’s ear chicharron to the simple and banal dish of melted cheese in a cup with croutons for dipping.

Britannia Hotel

Dronningens gate 5, Trondheim, Norway

The Britannia Hotel has been an icon and a gathering hub in Trondheim since 1870. Last year marked the completion of a three-year, $160 million dollar (1.5 billion NOK) renovation, updating and transforming the hotel once again into the pinnacle of modern luxury. The award-winning, five-star hotel has every amenity you could dream of – fabulous room service breakfast, afternoon tea in the Palm Court, a stunning and extremely relaxing spa, and restaurant Speilsalen, which received its first Michelin star in 2020.


Dronningens gate 5, Trondheim, Norway

Speilsalen is one of seven food and beverage concepts in the newly renovated Britannia Hotel. The flagship restaurant is located in the heart of the hotel and the name translates to «The Hall of Mirrors.» Bocuse d’Or silver medalist Christopher Davidsen is the head chef, and award-winning sommelier Henrik Dahl Jahnsen leads the wine program, so the bar is set high. The historic dining room is spectacular, and the restaurant was awarded its first Michelin star less than a year after opening.

Sellanraa Bok & Bar

Kongens gate 2, Trondheim, Norway

Don’t be fooled by the mundane looking exteriors of this book store and café – it’s much cozier inside! Sellanraa is one of the best coffee shops in town. In addition to well-known roasters like Tim Wendelboe and Coffee Collective, you can also choose the local purveyor Pala from Trondheim. Get a juicy Chemex hand-brew or any espresso-based drink. The dishes on offer are simple and generally consist of just a few high-quality ingredients. The potato and duck dish comes with a buttery potato purée with a poached duck egg inside, topped with lemon peel and potato chips. The scallops, Norway’s finest ingredient, are topped with caramelized pieces of celeriac and gooseberries for acidity. Sellanraa is mostly a lunch spot, but also serves dinner on Friday and Saturday.

Isak Brød & Bar

Kongens gate 2, Trondheim, Norway

Sellanraa has expanded their empire and opened a bakery located next door to their original café. While at Sellanraa you can indulge in a full lunch (and the occasional dinner), drop by Isak for a cup of coffee, a toast, and a sweet treat – or take a loaf of bread to go.


Ladeveien 9, Trondheim, Norway

After 19 years of cooking Trondheim’s finest food at Credoveita and no sign of the Michelin guide, Chef Heidi Bjerkan took on the big task of moving her entire restaurant as well as its casual bistro Jossa, to a brand new venue at Lilleby. A good half-hour walk (or 10-minute drive) outside Trondheim city center, in an abandoned industrial workshop hall, Credo 2.0 finally got its long-awaited Michelin star in 2019. A champion of local produce and a pioneer of sustainable cooking, Bjerkan has won multiple prizes for the work she has done over the years, and she is often lauded as a great role model for aspiring female chefs in Norway.

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