Stavanger & Sandnes Map Anders Husa & Kaitlin Orr

Stavanger & Sandnes Map

Stavanger is Norway’s 4th largest city, and together with Sandnes (the 7th largest) they make up the 3rd biggest urban area in the country. This region is a vibrant food destination, second only to the capital, Oslo, and even more exciting if you compare them relative to the population. In this foodie map, we have gathered all my Stavanger and Sandnes favorites. You’ll find everything from coffee shops and bars to burger joints and high-end restaurants. Navigate the map easily either by scrolling through the list on the right or by clicking the points on the map. Places are listed in a geographical order.

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Hetlandsgata 6, Stavanger, Norway

Three young chefs run Stavanger’s most exciting new eatery. Restaurant Söl is hyper-focused on sustainability, and crafts a mostly vegetarian menu with organic, local ingredients. The all-natural wine list is one of the best in Norway, with hard-to-find bottles from Octavin, Frank Cornelissen, Gut Oggau, Tom Shobbrook, and even Gabrio Bini. The tasting menu is a great value for money, with some exceptionally delicious dishes – on our visit, a standout was the zucchini with potatoes and a creamy løyrom sauce.


Skagen 3, Stavanger, Norway

Tango is a fine-dining restaurant in Stavanger with TV chef Kjartan Skjelde as one of the co-founders. Enjoy local and seasonal produce cooked to perfection in a classic Nordic-style cuisine. This restaurant is now re-located together with its casual sister restaurant Fish & Cow.


Strandkaien 37, Stavanger, Norway

Fisketorget is Norway’s best seafood restaurant, run by the young and passionate chef Karl Erik Pallesen. In addition to the eatery (Vågen), Fisketorget also has an extraordinary fish market (Torjå). Their excellent fish soup is a top-seller with good reason.

Villa 22 Trattoria & Bar

Skagen 22, Stavanger, Norway

Villa 22 Trattoria & Bar is a casual Italian eatery with Nordic influences, located on the waterfront in Vågen. You can go here for one of the city's best pizzas, baked in a wood-fired stone-oven, or enjoy the full Italian sharing menu with small dishes and antipasti.

Renaa Xpress

Sølvberggata 2, Stavanger, Norway

Renaa Xpress is the café, bakery, and pizzeria by Sven Erik and Torill Renaa which is located within Sølvberget community center. The eatery sports a partially wood-fired oven that assures freshly baked sourdough bread every day. From 1 PM you can enjoy sourdough pizza, but you definitely shouldn't miss their croissants either – so incredibly crispy and light.

Renaa: Matbaren

Breitorget 6, Stavanger, Norway

Renaa: Matbaren is the less formal sister restaurant of one-Michelin-starred Re-naa. This outstanding eatery serves the best Danish smørrebrød in Norway, in addition to other classic brasserie-style dishes that are cooked to perfection.


Nordbøgata 8, Stavanger, Norway

The fine-dining restaurant Re-naa is Stavanger's longest-running Michelin-establishment – it was awarded one star in the French culinary Bible in 2016. After moving to a new space inside the Eilert Smith Hotel, chef Sven Erik Renaa and his wife Torill finally received their much-deserved second star in 2020. We rank this New Nordic tasting menu among the top three dining experiences in Norway.

Broremann Bar

Skansegata 7, Stavanger, Norway

Broremann Bar is the most exciting cocktail bar in Stavanger. Young, passionate bartenders mix innovative drinks, nicely presented with well-balanced and pungent flavors.

The Shack

Nedre Holmegate 7, Stavanger, Norway

The Shack is a successful chain of burger joints that started out at Mariero, and later opened at Tasta and in central Stavanger. They specialized in burgers, crispy chicken wings, and BBQ ribs. Their burgers aren't as perfected as Hekkan Burger in Sandnes, but definitely delicious.

Norvald Vinbar

Øvre Holmegate 3, Stavanger, Norway

Norvald Vinbar is a wine bar in the heart of Stavanger. The relaxed interior resembles a cozy living room, with exposed brick and big windows that allow natural light to flood the stunning space. Make yourself at home – one wall is lined with shelves of books, while the other is lined with shelves of wine bottles. When the weather is nice you can sip wine outside on the patio, otherwise you can curl up on the cushy couches and drink by candlelight. The wine list has something for both classic drinkers and natty wine lovers; some of our favorite producers here are Heinrich, La Sorga, Tschida, Sepp Muster, and Strohmeier.

Pjolter & Punsj

Bakkegata 16, Stavanger, Norway

The award-winning Pjolter & Punsj is one of Norway's finest cocktail bars. Truls Thomsen is a passionate liquor aficionado, drink shaker, and mixologist. His signature drink is the Colada Milk Punch with aquavit, pineapple, coconut milk, tea, and spices. In 2019, the bar was recognized as having Norway's best bartender, the best cocktail, the best overall cocktail menu, and on top of that, they won the people's choice award.


Østervåg 43, Stavanger, Norway

Kokko is a beautifully constructed coffee shop and roastery, designed by an architect who also happens to have a passion for specialty coffee. Three unique floors, of which two invites you to have a seat, grab a bite, and enjoy your caffeine boost. The top floor is the office, but you can peek inside through a hole in the floor.

Hekkan Burger Stavanger

Pedersgata 8, Stavanger, Norway

Burger lovers rejoice! Hekkan Burger is now available in Stavanger as well, having expanded from its original location in Sandnes. Pedersgata now appears as the main street for foodies in Stavanger, and the new venue is far more spacious than the original hole-in-the-wall burger shack in Sandnes. Ole Dysjaland still makes one of Norway’s best burgers, and certainly the best in Rogaland.

Sabi Omakase

Pedersgata 38, Stavanger, Norway

Sabi Omakase is an award-winning, one-Michelin starred restaurant serving an exclusive omakase sushi menu. The place is open three days a week and booked months ahead. Have a seat at one of the nine stools at chef Roger Asakil Joya's bar counter, and let him amaze you with his knife skills, his knowledge of the ancient edomae-style of sushi, and the delicate flavors of the North sea that he presents.

Sabi Sushi Stavanger

Pedersgata 38, Stavanger, Norway

Next to Sabi Omakase in Pedersgata, you find the original Sabi Sushi where the adventure started in 2011. This much cheaper and simpler take away franchise restaurant is what allowed the Sabi group to create the most innovative and interesting sushi restaurant in Norway.


Pedersgata 39, Stavanger, Norway

Lapin is a natural wine bar from the team behind restaurant SÖL. Knowing the owners’ love for the funky juice, it’s no surprise that Lapin has the best selection of natural wine in town. On their list, you’ll find producers like La Sorga, Michael Gindl, Gut Oggau, Lammidia, L’Octavin, and No Control. They also have a simple snacks menu with charcuterie, cheese, olives, and cheesy toast. Just what you crave after drinking!

Casa Gio

Pedersgata 48, Stavanger, Norway

Casa Gio, a small and intimate restaurant with only 20 seats, is the best and most authentic Italian eatery in Norway. Peruvian-born Giovanna Ordonez was trained at Restaurant Toscanini in Amsterdam, but makes ravioli, risotto, and ragù like only an Italian mama knows how.


Pedersgata 69, Stavanger, Norway

K2 is a New Nordic restaurant from Ola Klepp (the former sous chef of Re-naa) and his partner Elisabeth Kress. Klepp + Kress = K2. The tasting menu changes frequently, with a focus on local and seasonal produce as well as preserved foods. Both a vegetarian menu as well as a menu with meat and fish are available. Our favorite dish was the grilled cabbage with potatoes, whey sauce, nettles, and lovage. The wine list has some of our favorite producers, but be sure to also try some of their house-made cocktails – we loved the "Granskau" with spruce, lime, and locally-produced gin.


Støperigata 6, Stavanger, Norway

Set inside a cozy yellow building (that used to be an old canning factory) on Pedersgata is Bellies, one of Stavanger’s most interesting and unique dining concepts. The chefs at Bellies craft a completely plant-based tasting menu that changes with the season. Vegetables are celebrated here, showcased and elevated with ingredients like almond butter and black truffle. Inspired by the bounty of Norwegian nature, there’s always something wild on the plate. This is vegan food that actually tastes good, and actually fills you up. Take it from a meat lover – the food here is so tasty you won’t even miss meat. And you won’t go thirsty – the incredible natural wine list at Bellies showcases all our favorite producers.

Fortou & ØST

Kvitsøygata 25, Stavanger, Norway

Fortou is a street food restaurant by chef Arnt Skjerve situated on the east side of Stavanger, right by the old Tou brewery. You can get international dishes like ramen, bánh mì, and Cuban sandwiches either to take away or to enjoy at the beer bar ØST (Øl, Svette & Tårer) next door. There, you can pair the food with one of the many craft beers they offer on tap.

Sirkus Renaa

Lagårdsveien 61, Stavanger, Norway

The latest opening from the Renaa restaurant group is Sirkus Renaa, a circus and pastry paradise in Stavanger. In the bakery, you’ll find fresh sourdough bread and handcrafted pastries, such as croissants, cardamom buns, and lemon curd cruffins filled with lemon curd and topped with meringue. Also on offer is a selection of ice cream as well as handmade chocolates. If you’re craving something savory, there is also a pizza restaurant serving dine-in and take-away pizzas with seasonal toppings like butternut squash and fresh truffle.

Ti Spiseri & Bar

Langgata 10, Sandnes, Norway

The all-day brasserie and bar Ti Spiseri & Bar has a lunch menu, where you’ll find traditional Danish smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches) and salads, while the evening menu is focused on meat and seafood from the Mibrasa grill, and artisan cocktails from the bar.


Vågsgate 22, Sandnes, Norway

Coffeeberry started out as small café called Benk back in 2009, which later closed and reopened as Coffeeberry in 2012, at the train station in central Sandnes. To this day, it is the only coffee shop in Sandnes where you can get light-roasted coffee brewed by people who actually know what they are doing. All thanks to Thomas and Hanne Lovise Jørgensen.

Punk Sushi

Vågsgata 15, Sandnes, Norway

Punk Sushi is a take-away sushi joint from the team behind Hekkan Burger. World Sushi Cup finalist Vladislav Akopjans is the head chef, and he uses primarily local seafood. Punk has a location in Sandnes as well as in Stavanger.


Vågsgata 15, Sandnes, Norway

Diggbar is a cocktail bar between Hekkan Burger and Punk Sushi in Sandnes. Come for a cocktail, a glass of wine, a beer, and enjoy some burgers or sushi from the neighboring concepts while sitting in the bar. There’s also a variety of caviar on offer, and VIP members of The Hungries even have access to a secret caviar tasting menu.

Hekkan Burger Sandnes

Vågsgata 15, Sandnes, Norway

Hekkan Burger has gone back to the basics in their search of burger perfection. Co-founder Ole Dysjaland is a burger puritan, who believes in the holy trinity of the patty, bun, and cheese. He gathered inspiration from burger joints like Dirty Burger in London, Flippin' Burgers in Stockholm, and Gasoline Grill in Copenhagen, and ended up creating the best burger in Norway.