Lille Blå Vinbar Copenhagen's Colorful New Natural Wine Bar

Restaurants and bars are finally allowed to open up again after the Corona crisis, and with that announcement comes some exciting new additions to Copenhagen’s food scene. (If you’re a regular reader of our restaurant rumors, you might already have heard the news.) The first to open is Lille Blå Vinbar, the colorful new natural wine bar from Sebastian Rind Nellemann and Christian Nedergaard, the team behind the wine bar Ved Stranden 10, the restaurant Admiralgade 26, and Österreich Vin (their wine import company and bottle shop). The latter has expanded into what used to be a paint shop next door, and to honor the previous occupant (Byens Farve), the wine bar was named and painted a brilliant shade of blue.

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Lille Blå is located on Esplanaden 3
Lille Blå is located on Esplanaden 3

Address & Contact Information
Esplanaden 3, Indre By, Copenhagen, Denmark

Opening Hours
Monday-Saturday 3:00pm to 11:00pm

The Colorful Little Sister of Ved Stranden 10

Lille Blå might be the most stunning wine bar in Copenhagen. The feature that first catches your eye is the vibrant shade of royal blue paint coating the walls. It’s absolutely mesmerizing – a blue so bright you might require sunglasses. Step inside the door to find a sleek interior – a wooden bar, stools, and tables to match. The mood is quintessentially Scandinavian, almost a hybrid of an art gallery and a wine bar. A glass cabinet with Zalto glasses sits atop the bar, wine boxes act as makeshift furniture. Cacti line the windowsill, fresh flowers adorn the tables. Large paintings hang on the wall, big lamps illuminate cozy corners. There are also benches and a few tables available for guests to sit outside. The new bar is located right by the beautiful Kastellet park, near the city center. Look for a white flag with a blue circle – the little blue dot marks the spot! 

The second room has a large communal table as the centerpiece.
The second room has a large communal table as the centerpiece.

Natural Wines From Austria

Like its siblings, Lille Blå specializes in natural, organic, biodynamic wines from Austria. Available by the glass on our visit: Ancestral from Claus Preisinger, Mash Pitt from Pittnauer, and Himmel Auf Erden Rosé from Christian Tschida. On the shelves to drink by the bottle: lots of members of the Gut Oggau family, Kalkspitz from Christoph Hoch, and various bottles from Franz Strohmeier, Martin & Anna Arndorfer, Maria and Sepp Muster, Meinklang, and more.

Worth noting: you won’t fill up on dinner at Lille Blå. The limited menu has a few snacks curated by Kala’s Kimchi (seasonal greens, pickled veggies, and beans), canned seafood from Fangst, and knekkebrød (crisp bread) from Juno the Bakery. The bar is open Monday-Saturday from 3:00 pm until 11:00 pm, so it’s a perfect place to grab a drink before or after dinner.

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Bar manager Eskil Borritz.
Bar manager Eskil Borritz.
Enjoying wine with a street view.
Enjoying wine with a street view.
The walls are so blue they reflect onto everything.
The walls are so blue they reflect onto everything.

Lille Blå Vinbar

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