These Oslo Restaurants Are Still Open And/Or Offering Take-Away

Last week, the city of Oslo announced new Covid-19 related restrictions that, once again, heavily affect the restaurant industry. From Tuesday, November 10th, it’s no longer allowed to serve alcohol anywhere. Right now, this rule is in effect throughout November (but it would come as no surprise if it was extended until the end of 2020). The alcohol ban comes on top of existing regulations: all employees are required to wear masks (as well as guests, except when they are sitting down), guests from different households must sit one meter apart, and opening hours are reduced (no new guests after 10:00 pm and fully closed by midnight, at the latest). Needless to say, it has become increasingly difficult to run a restaurant in 2020.

At the same time, the world is dealing with a dangerous new virus that has to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there will be a new bailout for restaurants this time (besides, the last round of care packages had little or no effect, according to several sources). This means it’s yet again up to guests to support their favorite local restaurants! Below is a list of the best restaurants in Oslo, most of them taken from our city guide and map, that are still open – and/or offer take-away.

Note: This guide is not updated at the moment, since restaurants in Oslo had to close again. Check out our new lockdown 3.0 guide with all the best take-away!

These Oslo Restaurants Are Still Open

À L’aise

Chef Ulrik Jepsen believes Oslo’s food lovers still want to eat well despite the state of the world. That means À L’aise will remain open and the restaurant will go all-out on alcohol-free drinks – including sparkling teas and mocktails! Book your table here. If you’re a member of our Patreon food community, The Hungries, you also get a special perk here.


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Atlas Brasserie

The restaurant of Amerikalinjen is open for breakfast, lunch, and brunch. If you’re a member of our Patreon food community, The Hungries, you also get a special perk at hotel Amerikalinjen.


You can still get your taco cravings satisfied at Breddos in Mathallen. Book your table here.

Dim Sum by Taste of China

There’s no better place for dim sum in Oslo than Taste of China. The restaurant remains open, following all regulations, and they also offer take-away and delivery (with 10% off on frozen dumplings to steam yourself at home). Click here for all the info on booking and ordering.

El Camino

Burritos to go! All locations are open for take-away and delivery, dine-in is possible at Bjørvika and Bogstadveien. Call +4722442298 to order.

Fly Chicken

Craving chicken sandwiches or fried chicken? All locations remain open, plus you can still pick up or have it delivered. Order with Vipps (597474).

Freddy Fuego

Freddy Fuego on Hausmanns gate remain open, offering take-away of their burritos as well as delivery. Download the Freddy Xpress app to order.


The newly opened restaurant Geita remains open without alcohol on the drinks menu. We haven’t had a chance to check out this place yet, but we know chef Axel Nordahl’s cooking from Ett Bord. Book your table here.


The neighborhood restaurant Grådi in Tøyen is still open for business as (un)usual, serving brunch and dinner. Book a table, order take-away food, or buy a gift card here.

Handwerk Botaniske

The little café in the botanical gardens, Handwerk Botaniske, remains open for lunch. Walk-ins only.


Oslo’s best ramen is still available, both to eat in the restaurant or to take home as a ramen kit. Hrímnir has expanded its opening hours to seven days a week. Book your table here or order food to-go or gift cards here.

Koie Ramen (Torggata)

While the Munch Brygge location closes, Koie Ramen in Torggata “will be staying open in all its socially distanced and non-alcoholic glory to meet all your essential ramen needs.” Walk-ins only.


One of Oslo’s best burger joints is still open and still offering take-away from both their locations (Majorstua and Solli). Click here to order.

Lofthus Samvirkelag

Dine-in, take-away, delivery – all options are still on the table when it comes to the pizza from Lofthus Samvirkelag’s many locations, including Tranen and Apostrophe. You can find information about ordering and booking here.

LOKAL Harbitz

This combined grocery store, bakery, pastry shop, restaurant, and pizzeria is still open serving, among other things, pizza – both as dine-in and take-away. They also offer cook-at-home kits with produce from local farmers. Call +4721456200 to order take-away.

Omakase by Vladimir Pak

Omakase by Vladimir Pak stays open, with an alcohol-free beverage menu that includes housemade infusions, juices, and kombuchas. Book your table here.


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Pasta Fresca Popolare

A little piece of pasta heaven in Oslo! The pasta shop, Pasta Fresca Popolare, from restaurant Trattoria Popolare, remains open for dine-in. As always, you can also buy their fresh pasta to make at home yourself.

Sabi Sushi Vika

Sabi Sushi in Vikaterrassen, the more casual sushi restaurant next-door to Omakase by Vladimir Pak, remains open as well. Book your table here. As always, they also have take-away. Call +4745695022 to order. Pay with Vipps!


The café next door to the restaurant remains open, while the restaurant is closed. Walk-ins only. Click here to order take-away.


St. Hanshaugen’s neighborhood restaurant Smalhans is still welcoming guests. Book your table here. They have also put together various meal kits, take-away dishes, and even merchandise (including Hipstakokken’s wine glasses and tote bag!). Click here to order.


Stockfleths locations around town are still open for both sit-down and take-away.


You still find Oslo’s best pizza by the slice at Stykke, but with limited seating. Delivery is also available. Walk-ins only.


Talormade is still open at all locations (Lillo Gård, Bispevika, and Paleet) and also offers delivery. Gift cards are available to purchase online and in-store.

The Golden Chimp

The Golden Chimp is still open for monkey business, but they also offer take-away dumplings and steam buns! You can decide if you would like to steam it yourself or want it ready-to-eat. Book your table here.

The Thief

The Thief is still open offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as brunch on the weekends. Their focus is on Nordic, sustainable ingredients cooked with French techniques. If you’re a member of our Patreon food community, The Hungries, you also get a special perk here.

The Vandelay

The Vandelay stays open despite the alcohol restrictions and serves brunch every day from 7:30 am (09:00 am on weekends) to 4:00 pm. Book your table here. Update: Esben & Co. will also offer their famous cheeseburgers to go every day until 8:00 pm!


The former wok restaurant has changed its concept to a Nordic-Asian eatery, using almost exclusively organic and sustainable produce and aiming for zero waste. On the menu are dishes like rice bowls, noodle bowls, chicken wings, kimchi, and edamame. Tunco is open for dine-in as well as take-away. Click here to order.


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Vaquera Verde

The newly-opened plant-based Mexican café, Vaquera Verde, is staying open and is adding an all-day brunch menu (Thursday to Sunday) including items like plantain French toast, chilaquiles, and huevos rancheros! On the drink side, they can tempt with non-alcoholic options made from scratch and kombuchas. The menu is also available as take-away. You can also support this place with a gift card! If you’re a member of our Patreon food community, The Hungries, you get a special perk here.

Villa Paradiso

Neapolitan pizza lovers, rejoice! Villa Paradiso is still open, also for take-away and delivery. Book your table or order food here.

Take-Away Only & Gift Cards


Arakataka is closed, but if you love this restaurant as much as we do, you can buy a gift card here.


Take-away is back at Bass. Call +4748241489 to order. Pick-up Wednesday to Saturday from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. You can also help this place out by donating money through Vipps (600997).


If you want to buy a gift card to Brutus, simply send the amount in Vipps (92212) and write your name in a message.


Spanish tapas dishes are available as take-away from Delicatessen in Majorstua. Click here to order!


You can buy a gift cards to support Einer here.

Falafel Me

Thank goodness, you can still get Oslo’s best falafel wrap from Falafel Me. Pick-up or delivery is available. Call +4790688047 to order.


Fear not! Oslo’s best focaccia is still available as take-away and now also with delivery! Open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm every day of the week.

Haralds Vaffel

Oslo’s no. 1 waffle shop, Haralds Vaffel, has take-away waffles available for pick up or delivery. You can even buy the waffle batter to make the waffles at home. If you are looking for fun Christmas presents – why not consider a waffle gift card? Order with Vipps (587432).


Katla is selling take-away food kits to make at home, including their amazing lamb kebab. Bot pick-up and delivery is available. Order here!


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Et innlegg delt av Katla 🌋 (@katlaoslo)

Silk Road

Vegetable-focused food from this sustainable restaurant with plant-based dishes is now take-away-only! Call +4792073428 to book or order. You can buy gift cards and see more information here.

Tim Wendelboe

Norway’s coffee king, Tim Wendelboe, is now open again as a café, but only with four tables. You can still grab a coffee to go, buy coffee to make at home, or order delivery online. Click here to order!

Did we miss any amazing restaurants or take-away offers? Leave a comment below to let us know.

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