10 Restaurants You Need to Know in Copenhagen My Favorite New Spots for Great Food

If you follow my stories on Snapchat or Instagram it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Copenhagen is my favorite city in the world. I might just move here one day, but right now I just try to go as often as I can. Everytime I’m there it seems that five new restaurants just opened. There are so many foodie stories I want to share, but never enough time to write them all. Thus, I’ve made this list of the 10 restaurants you need to know in Copenhagen right now, and I will share my full foodie story from each place very soon.

Update: I now have a complete foodie map of Copenhagen! Check it out.


108 is easily my top recommendation among restaurants in Copenhagen – regardless of genre. This is the casual sister restaurant of Noma, which you may know as one of the best restaurants in the world. Earlier this year, while Noma Australia was going down, we attended the pop-up of 108. That was all very nice and interesting, but these guys have clearly worked extremely hard since then to improve on every aspect of their game. Now, in Strandgade 108, the place looks amazing. The service is flawless, the food is simple and elegant in its presentation, but explodes with flavors. I’ve been there twice and I’m already thinking of when I can go again. Read the full foodie story here.

Stems of Romaine salad with aged turbot roe & marigold
Stems of Romaine salad with aged turbot roe & marigold

Admiralgade 26

Finally, the guys who run Ved Stranden 10 – my favorite wine bar in Copenhagen – has opened a restaurant too. The new place is located in the same block but at the opposite corner. Admiralgade 26 is the address, so to continue the trend they’ve gone ahead and named it just that. Interior in an early 1900’s style with white painted wooden walls and Scandinavian designer lamps and furniture should be familiar if you’ve been to their wine bar. Admiralgade 26 is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The cuisine is a mixture of Danish and Japanese, with some elements of the Mediterranean kitchen as well. Presentation: just beautiful! Read the full foodie story here.

Welcome inside the living room of Admiralgade 26
Welcome inside the living room of Admiralgade 26

Lou Lou

Please note: This restaurant has closed permanently.

Chef Bo Bech who runs restaurant Geist has been busy with a lot of projects lately. Lou Lou is one of them. It’s an Italian restaurant, but with Bo Bech’s unique touch to both the food and interior. Sink your butt into one of the blue velvet sofas and get lost in the quirky design elements around you. Order a few starters, a main dish, and dessert. Each creation looks extremely simple on the flower painted grandma plates it’s served on. Don’t get fooled, though, the pureness of the presentation and limited amount of ingredients hides a good punch in flavors. Read the full foodie story here.

Loving the interior at Lou Lou
Loving the interior at Lou Lou


The Kadeau-guys have opened a new restaurant called Honey, which they describe as a luxury canteen. During the day it’s actually a canteen for the people who work in the office building on the floors above, but when evening comes it turns into a restaurant. This is the place to get a really cheap, yet decent meal in Copenhagen. Quality ingredients and good cooking skills in the kitchen. Don’t expect anything spectacular, though, with prices at DKK 49 for a glass of the house wine. Starters are DKK 69 and main dishes DKK 169. Self-serve soft ice including homemade toppings is priced at DKK 69 as well. The food is as simple as the prices are low, but I wish this was my work canteen. Read the full foodie story soon.

The "luxury canteen" Honey
The “luxury canteen” Honey

Restaurant Palægade

Restaurant Palægade became a reality when a bunch of talented people with different experience from Danish cuisine came together. Sommeliers Simon Olesen and Rasmus Amdi Larsen, the former head chef at restaurant Schønnemann, Karina Pedersen, and the restaurateurs of Formel B and Uformel. In Palægade, close to Kongens Nytorv, Danish open-faced sandwiches are king – at least for lunch. Go here for all the classics like sole, kartoffelmad – potatoes on bread, chicken salad and tartare. Visit later at night to experience a meal that has morphed into a modern tasting menu, with the former head chef at Formel B, Magnus Mondrup, in charge. Read the full foodie story soon.

Classic Danish open faced sandwich with potatoes, shrimps, peas & asparagus
Classic Danish open faced sandwich with potatoes, shrimps, peas & asparagus

Tapperiet Brus & Restaurant Spontan

Rumors were out that the beer-loving duo Tore and Tobias of To Øl was building a beer bar close to Bæst and Mirabelle in Nørrebro. Suddenly, I heard it was going to be a brewery and a restaurant as well. Not only that, but they managed to grab the head chef from the one Michelin star restaurant Marchal at Hotel d’Angleterre, Christian Gadient, to lead the kitchen. In restaurant Spontan he serves great looking Nordic food, but dares to use ingredients and techniques from other kitchens around the world. The obvious pairing is a beer menu, of course. In Tapperiet Brus you can order craft beers from To Øl and other famous nomad brewers like Mikkeller. They also serve cocktails on tap with exciting ingredients like wood sorrel. Read the full foodie story here.

Tapperiet Brus – the brewery. Restaurant Spontan is inside
“Tapperiet” Brus – the brewery. Restaurant Spontan is inside

Hija de Sanchez Kødbyen

Rosio Sanchez has expanded her taco business in Copenhagen with another branch of Hija de Sanchez in Kødbyen. This time it’s a proper brick and mortar building as opposed to the food stall in Torvehallerne. The menu is still as simple and the service just as fast. Grab a stool outside or take your tacos to go. Make sure to follow their Instagram or Facebook page to get news about the highly popular Amigos de Sanchez events. Top chefs in Copenhagen and from all over the world are regular guest chefs and the queues are as long as their reputations are big.

Tacos at the new Hija de Sanchez in Kødbyen
Tacos at the new Hija de Sanchez in Kødbyen

La Banchina

I can’t think of a more perfect summer paradise in Copenhagen than the new Italian wine bar and restaurant that has opened. At the piers of La Banchina you can enjoy natural wine and simple food in the sun by the sea. It’s almost as far out as Amass on Refshaleøen. Sitting here and sharing a bottle of super juicy fermented grapes is one of the best memories of this year. Read the full foodie story soon.

Wine, sun & sea at La Banchina!
Wine, sun & sea at La Banchina!

Søren K

In the quiet area along the canal that runs from Knippelsbro to Langebro, on the opposite side of restaurant No. 2 and “Cirkelbroen” is the Royal Danish Library – also known as the Black Diamon due to its design. Restaurant Søren K, named after the famous Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, is located on the ground floor of that building. It’s not a new restaurant as the title promises – in fact, it’s 17 years old. However, the head chef Casper Stuhr Sobczyk is new since April this year and his cooking skills have made it worth a visit again. He balances the old with the new, Nordic and French, and modern presentation techniques with great flavors. Read the full foodie story here.

A focused head chef Casper Stuhr Sobczyk
A focused head chef Casper Stuhr Sobczyk

Møllers Kaffe & Køkken

The people at Møllers Kaffe og Køkken in Nørrebro serves the ultimate brunch in Copenhagen. You order by checking your choices on the menu with a pen before you deliver the note in the bar. Soon, your table will fill up with the most beautiful looking creations served on colorful plates. It’s the perfect Instagram meal, and that might be how the word has spread. This is hardly a brand new place anymore, but the brunch has become so famous that you should definitely check it out if you haven’t already been there. Read the full foodie story soon.

The ultimate brunch at Møllers Kaffe og Køkken!
The ultimate brunch at Møllers Kaffe og Køkken!

What’s your favorite new place in Copenhagen? Please share in a comment below.








Anders Husa

I am Anders Husa – a foodie living in Oslo. I eat at the best restaurants in Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and the major food destinations in the world. I share my foodie stories here.


  • Relæ by far my favorite for a good price, and Geranium if price doesnt matter.. I have had a lot of good meals, Grønbech and Churchill also delivered great food..

    • You clearly missed the point of this article. This is about new restaurants, both Relæ, Geranium and Grønbech & Churchill are all several years old.

  • And of course: Amass makes it a perfect day out for lunch.. Take the bike out, and the ferry back downtown. Excellent cooking!

  • I can recommend these new places:

    -the new plant-based spot called SOULS, in Østerbro
    -SIDECAR in Nørrebro
    -BYOH Matcha Bar in Vesterbro

    Great list!

  • Highly recommend Restaurant Taller the next time you are in Copenhagen. My wife and I dined there in July, and it was an awesome experience with fantastic food.

    • Thanks, Colin. I ate there a few years ago (you can search for it on the blog if you want to see), but it is now closed and replaced by for Karlos Ponte’s latest project PMY. Also worth a visit. Taller might reopen. Stay tuned and read my rumors 🙂

  • Highly recommend Restaurant Taller the next time you are in town. My wife and I dined while visiting in July and absolutely loved it – excellent food and great experience.

  • You might like Kiin Kiin Bao Bao.
    Also worth checking is Spisehuset in Kødbyen, interesting concept.

  • Hei Anders,

    jeg skal til København i desember, jeg rekker ikke innom alle stedene du anbefaler. Er det noe jeg absolutt ikke kan gå glipp av? Jeg har blinket meg ut Relæ og 108 som steder for å spise middag. Hija de Sanchez blir lunchen når vi skal til Torvhallerne.

    Ha en trivelig helg.


    • Hei Bo. Støtter 108 og Hija de Sanchez. Mitt siste besøk på Relæ var litt rart, men de har jo sin egen stil. Ellers må du ikke gå glipp av Barr, Nabo, Slurp Ramen eller Gasoline Grill. God tur!

    • Abasalon, Andersen, samtlige Guldsmeden, og Ibsen er ålreite i midtsjiktet. Nimb og D’Angleterre i toppsjiktet. Wake Up for billig-billig.

  • Hei Anders! Takk for fin guide! Vi skal visst på en ørliten helgetur til Køben i begynnelsen av April og har dermed to kvelder å spise ute på, samt lunsj.. Litt knapt med tid for booking, og veldig vanskelig å velge. Hva vil dine “go-to” casual steder være? Gjerne med smaksmeny!

    • Hei Stina. Hyggelig å høre! Denne guiden begynner allerede å bli gammel. Ikke at stedene ikke er aktuelle, men nå har jeg samlet så mange flere i København-kartet mitt. Har du sett det?

      Vurdér i tillegg også Sanchez, Kanalen, IBU, Kaptajn, og Barabba som jeg ikke har rukket å skrive om 🙂

      • Og hvis jeg skal velge to lunsjer og to middager for deg så blir det:

        Lunsj: Palægade
        Middag: Sanchez
        Lunsj: Barr
        Middag: Bæst

        • Tusen takk for svar Anders, jeg tror muligens jeg må flytte til København i en periode og spise meg gjennom byen! Har kikket på både Sanchez og Bæst, og nå ble de veldig enkle valg. Kommer med rapport 😉

  • Hei Anders,

    Tusen takk for et utrolig bra nettsted, og (altfor) mange gode tips! Vi er fire kompiser som skal til Køben en helg i høst, og blir litt rådville av alle mulighetene. Nå, over et halvt år etter forrige anbefalinger i kommentarene over her – har du en “oppdatert” versjon av must-dos? Vi har fredag-søndag til rådighet, så 2 middager, 2-3 lunsjer – og gjerne noen kule barer og casual hangouts i tillegg.

    Håper du fortsatt sjekker kommentarene her og kan gi noen tips 🙂

    • Hei Ola. Mine topptips akkurat nå er Frank, Jah Izakaya, Sanchez, Iluka og Barr. Steder jeg ønsker å teste er Aloutte og Roxie. Til lunsj er det jo diggest med smørrebrød. Sjekk Selma, Palægade og Aamanns 1921. Vin på Ved Stranden 10, Pompette, og Pasteur. Cocktails på Curfew, Lidkoeb og Balderdash.

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